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Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

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Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

This Professional Quality Limbo Game Kit is the perfect party accessory for beach and pool parties, luau parties, mobile entertainers, hotel entertainment teams and much more. 

Limbo Kit Features

  • 8 Heights (1.3m to 320mm)
  • 1.6m (5ft 3″) Long Bar (Beam)
  • Assembled in 60 Seconds
  • Solid Aluminium Construction
  • Protective End Caps.
  • Free Storage Bag

Limbo Set Design

Limbo By Design is a revolutionary new Limbo Kit designed for everyday and mobile entertainment use.

The limbo party set has been designed to fold away into a small bag, complete with weighted bases, limbo poles and bar.

The limbo bar and limbo poles are held together with elasticated cord making it easy to assemble and dismantle in under 60 seconds.

The limbo kit poles and bar are made from lightweight aluminium and painted silver for a professional and quality look.

Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

History The Límbó (Limmm-Bó) is a unique dance and is also known as the “Under Stick Dance”. Limbo has become a popular dance form. The popularity began on the island of Trinidad when American and British sailors took the form back to their home countries as a party dance. Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

Limbo is a movement that is traditionally done at funerals or wakes and derives from the African legba or legua dance. Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

If the limboist makes it under the bar (usually a bar of fire) with ease, it means that the spirit has transitioned to the other side with ease. Today limbo refers to a dancer moving to a rhythm and dances under a bar (beam) held by two people or supported on stands.

The dancer negotiates under the bar without knocking or touching it. If the dancer is successful he must repeat this again and again with the bar (beam) being lowered another “notch” each time. Each dancer does this until there is only one left standing who has not touched the bar, fallen down, laid on the floor or used his/her hands to keep balance.

On-lookers as well as other dancers would clap and cheer (or egg on) and sing while the dancer tries to go under the bar (beam). 3 How to Limbo Dance Limbo dancing is relatively simple, and involves a dancer attempting to bend low enough to stay below a bar held by two people or supported on two poles. The technique for a successful limbo dance is easy, but requires practice and concentration throughout the duration of the dance.

Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

1. Begin the limbo with your feet spread and lined up with your shoulders. During the limbo dance, you need to have a strong base in your lower body so that your upper body can bend properly.

2. Keep your arms spread out from your body as you begin your approach to the limbo stick. This technique allows you to maintain balance as your back bends, and helps you avoid instinctively grabbing the stick if you feel off balance.

3. Approach the stick slowly with deliberate, exaggerated steps. A common mistake for limbo dancers is to bend backwards too quickly and throw themselves off balance. Focus on each step, bending your legs and your back gradually as you see the stick ahead of you.

4. Flatten your stomach as much as possible when your legs begin to cross under the limbo stick. Your abdominal area may become the biggest obstacle to a successful limbo dance because your bent back accentuates your stomach as you complete the dance.

5. Maintain limbo posture until your head has passed completely under the stick. As soon as you see the limbo stick pass your eyes, count to three and begin to gradually lift your body to an upright position. 4 Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

6. Wear comfortable clothing when you know you will perform a limbo dance. You need to focus on proper limbo technique, rather than your discomfort from clothes that are constricting. Look for shirts, trousers and other clothing items that are loose enough for you to dance, but maintain the festive nature of the limbo. Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit

7. Find traditional limbo music when performing the limbo dance. The limbo’s origins in Latin America mean that music with a strong beat and a good use of percussion instruments will get your party started. Tips & Warnings • Consult your family doctor before you perform a limbo dance. Excessive limbo dancing without proper stretching or health precautions can lead to injured back and leg muscles. Ask your doctor what you can do to properly warm up your body to avoid injuries related to limbo dancing. Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance KitLimbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit