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Steelasophical Caribbean entertainment

Steelasophical Musical Entertainment

Music to Vow Wow Mix Mingle Wine Dine & Dance

Steel Band :-: Caribbean Mobile DJ :-: PA and Lighting Hire

My Personal Guarantee To You :::

If you are looking for the cheapest solution to your musical entertainment needs, 

Steelasophical is not the right fit for you. 

Brides see our value and consider us an essential investment in their day, 

rather than a nice to have expense. 

Our exceptional entertainment services will make your day 

uplifting, unforgettable, fun, relaxing and amazingly successful

If we both agree that Steelasophical have not made a positive and transforming difference to your event, 

I will refund you money – Guaranteed.


Steelasophical is a cross between the best Caribbean steeldrum musical entertainer and a quality Dj service. Great musical backing tracks with amazing sounding Steel Drum voices. Steelasophical solo is the equivalent in sound to a 1 – 8pc traditional band due to the quality and selection of instruments, equipment, song selection and appearance.

Press Pack

A few things about Gary Trotman (Steelasophical):::

Music incorporated in the actual James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale

Caribbean Steeldrum albums selling world-wide in over 42 Countries

Music can be purchased through every major reseller (including iTunes, Amazon, TimeLife Music)

Winning musical entertainment performance on TV’s ‘Come dine with me

Full time music professional specialising in premier occasions

Services ::: 

Solo – Steel Drum soloist with backing mdic and PA system

Duo – as above with additional performer (choice of steel drums, vocals, percussions)

Trio – as above with additional performer (choice of steel drums, vocals, percussions)

Fouro – as above with additional performer (choice of steel drums, vocals, percussions)

Fully professional DJ & venue lighting service available with all above options

Press Pack

Options (nett to Steelasophical) ::: 

Max 60mins (max 1 x 60mins of Caribbean Steel Drum Music)

S60 – Soloist – £327

D60 – Duo – £452

T60 – Trio – £577

Q60 – Fouro – £702

Max 90mins (max 1 x 90 mins of Caribbean Steel Drum Music)

S90 – Soloist – £387

D90 – Duo – £512

T90 – Trio – £637

Q90 – Fouro – £762

The following options include the mobile Dj service to provide background or dance music in between the band performance sets. This will allow you the option to continuous music backdrop throughout. We can provide you with a microphone for speeches and announcements if arranged prior.

Max 2 hours (max 2 x 55 mins caribbean steel drum music)

S2 – Solo – £527

D2 – Duo – £677

T2 – Trio – £827

Q2 – Fouro – £977

Max 3 hours (max 3 x 40 mins caribbean steel drum music)  

S3 – Solo – £627

D3 – Duo – £777

T3 – Trio – £927

Q3 – Fouro – £1077

Max 4 hours (max 3 x 40 mins caribbean steel drum music)

S4 – Solo – £727

D4 – Duo –  £877

T4 – Trio – £1027

Q4 – Fouro £1177

Max 5 Hours (max 5 x 30mins caribbean steel drum music)

S5 – Solo – £827

D5 – Duo – £977

T5 – Trio – £1127

Q5 – Fouro – £1277

Max 6 Hours (max 6 x 30mins caribbean steel drum music)

S6 – Solo – £927

D6 – Duo – £1077

T6 – Trio – £1327

Q6 – Fouro – £1377

Max 7 Hours (max 7 x 30 mins caribbean steel drum music)

S7 – Solo – £1027

D7 – Duo – £1177

T7 – Trio – £ 1427

Q7 – Fouro – £1477

Max 8 Hours (max 8 x 30 mins caribbean steel drum music)

S8 – Solo – £1127

D8 – Duo – £1277

T8 – Trio – £1527

Q8 – Fouro – £1577

Payment schedule:

In full no later than 3 working days following  the event

Payment options:

Credit Card / Debit Card (via Paypal) | Bank Transfer | Cheque | BACS | International Transaction | Cash

Added Value – early confirmation:

Above Early-Bird prices will rise by 15% :::

To qualify, you must:

Return completed booking forms and pay the deposit within 10 days

Provide us with a written online testimonial (optional)

Provide us with at least 3 professional photographs of your day for our own memories (optional)

Confirm as soon as you can: 

Steelasophical are taking bookings and enquiries into the next 3 years. Due to the volume of interest. Due to receiving requests (often for competing dates), we operate the fairest system to all on a ‘First To Confirm‘ basis. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO HOLD A DATE WHILE YOU DECIDE. If you have any questions, or would indeed like to secure this date and one or more options with us, please do not hesitate in contacting asap. We will by return forward the booking confirmation forms, terms and conditions and payment schedule options:



Safety stuff: 

Upon confirmation, please be sure to provide us with the full contact details of the venue. We will ned to contact them and provide them with essential Health and Safety documentation, as well as gain an understanding of important informations such as venue access, terms and conditions, requirements, facilities etc.

Not What You Are Looking For? 

We value every interest in Steelasophical, but realise that there are many variables from both sides that may ultimately not make us a great fit. We see no competitors in the industry for the following reasons…

a) nobody does what we do in the way we do it

b) Steelasophical consistently over delivers as standard in ways that many have not even thought of

c) we view professional wedding suppliers as colleagues!

Thank you for considering Steelasophical. With or without us we want to wish you the very best with your event planning and wish you the best day in every possible way

Kindest regards

Gary Trotman

Steelasophical Ent

07540 307890

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