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Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad

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Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad     Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad? Of course you can! If you have a wide and varied taste and can be sure what ALL of your guests will like. A few provisos here though: 1) Do you have access to professional sound equipment? You will need something a lot better than any home system for such an event and if you want the sound to be reasonable then expensive higher end equipment is needed. You may find the cost to hire this is not much less than a DJ and you have the bother of setting it all up and returning it to the hire company! Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad 2) Do you really want to be bothered by this in the busy weeks coming up to your wedding? And that’s not mentioning on the day itself! A good DJ will consult with you on on your own musical tastes and that of your friends and family. They will construct a day or evening around your likes and dislikes and can respond to requests and changes in the room and the energy of a dance-floor. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone doing their best moves and dropping a classic like “Night Fever”, “Billie Jean” or “Moves Like Jagger” depending on their age group! Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad 3) Can all your necessary introductions and transitions still be made effectively? A DJ will lower the music and announce you into the room, cutting the cake, first dance, bouquet toss, buffet opening, last dance etc. OK if you don’t want or need any of this but it is always useful to let your guests know what is happening - you wouldn’t want anyone to leave before a big finale or be in the loo as you cut the cake! So yes you can DIY at your own wedding! Steelasophical provide a Sound System and lighting hire service Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad Gary Trotman Steelasophical info@Steelband.co.uk Wedding Music Suggestions for Civil Ceremony & First Dance Choosing music for a civil ceremony can be quite tricky and then comes the first dance! Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking in the right direction! Try to choose something that means something to you and not for anyone else! After all this is going to be “your song” forever! Classical Clair de lune – Claude Debussy Air on the G String – JS Bach Sinfonia from Cantata 29, BWV 29  by Johann Sebastian Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G major: Prelude, BWV 1007 - Johann Sebastian Bach Morning – E Grieg Prelude to Te Deum - Marc-Antoine Charpentier Allegro from Trois pièces brèves for Wind Quintet - Jacques Ibert Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – GF Handel The Prince of Denmark’s March – J Clarke Chanson de Matin – E Elgar Alla Hornpipe from Water Music, [...]

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