2020 10 Fresh Wedding Ideas

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2020 10 Fresh Wedding Ideas

2020 10 Fresh Wedding Ideas

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1• Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Details

According to The Knot, sustainable weddings are trending, with many soonlyweds committed to minimizing their celebration’s carbon footprint and upcycling (or reusing) certain details like flowers, decor, and attire.

2 • Consciously Inclusive Food Options

This isn’t your parents’ wedding menu; 2020 will serve up wedding dishes that cater to everyone’s dietary preferences and restrictions, not to mention totally reinvent the wheel. Think over-the-top mocktails, conveyor-belt-served appetizers, and unparalleled service.

3 • Self-Serve Sips

Speaking of service and presentation, the wedding bar situation is looking insanely cool for 2020. The Knot has been seeing a rise in self-service drink stations, like beer taps, champagne dispensers, and the ever-popular margarita bar where guests are encouraged to choose their own mix-ins and garnishes to taste.

4 • Innovative Lighting

What’s a wedding without mood lighting? While candles, lanterns, and string lights will never go out of style, couples are making room for unique and bold lighting options: hanging basket lanterns, modern tube lighting, and LED light signs, to name a few.

5 • Flowers Everywhere

Stems are synonymous with weddings—but we’re not just talking about bouquets and centerpieces anymore. Look out for fanciful salads and wedding cakes topped with edible blooms, pretty petals frozen in ice cubes, flower-infused water and cocktails, and monochromatic arrangements that play with texture.

6 • Over-the-Top Interactive Entertainment

Expect the unexpected when it comes to secondary entertainment (next to the band or DJ, that is), like “magicians, interactive make-your-own scent bars, and champagne stations in lounges just outside the restrooms to ensure the party doesn’t stop, even when you leave the dance floor,” The Knot says. steelasophical

7 • Barrettes and Combs

The “it” hair accessories—clips, combs, and barrettes—are making their way into weddings too. In addition to more traditional veils and tiaras, brides, bridesmaids, and guests will be keeping their strands in place (and turning heads) with pearl, rhinestone, and enamel hairpieces.

8 • Wedding Attire Revamped

It’s all about the bright colors, bold shoes, edgy jumpsuits, embroidered leather jackets, and textured embellishments (pleats, feathers, sequins, to name a few). Fun sleeves and statement ball gowns graced the Bridal Fashion Week runways most recently, so you can definitely expect to see those details trickle into ready-to-wear wedding dresses and day-of looks before long.

9 • Experiential Gift Registries

Silver tea sets are nice, but these days more to-be-weds are asking for experiences—or even just straight cash funds—as wedding gifts. They are still registering at big-box retailers, but supplementing their traditional registries with less tangible asks: a safari honeymoon, couple’s massages, lifetime passes to their favorite national park, and starter funds for a new puppy.

10 • Unplugged Honeymoons

Unplugged weddings are nothing new, and couples are starting to take that off-the-grid mindset on their honeymoons. Per The Knot, “Unplugged

2020 10 Fresh Wedding Ideas