Caribbean Steel Drums

Caribbean Steel Drums

Caribbean Steel Drums are a wonderful instrument and sound to enhance any social gathering. It automatically makes people happy by default. Conversely, Caribbean Steel Drum music is uplifting and inspiring when sat alone listening at home. As well as uplifting, Steel drums can be soothing and healing.

The benefits from music therapy spanning from the musical tones and musical vibrations from a steel drum is unique. Steelasophical is a leading provider of Caribbean Steel Drum musical entertainment based in the UK.

It is amazing and humbling to witness the joy in others. A good steel drum band is however not easy to find. There are many who incapable of understanding the difference between musicians and musical entertainers.

At Steelasophical Steel Band and Ambience Music Dj, we know the right songs to play in the right moment, not only the right song but the correct volume and tempo. At Steelasophical Steel Band and Ambience Music Dj we know just how to transform and maintain the best possible atmosphere. Our musical repertoire covers more than 14 genres including …

  • Calypso |
  • Soca |
  • Reggae |
  • POP |
  • Latin |
  • Rock and Roll |
  • Salsa |
  • Traditional |
  • Bossa Nova |
  • Cha Cha Cha |
  • Jazz |
  • RnB |
  • Lambada |

If you are considering Steel Drums for any special occasion, be sure to choose wisely. Steelasophical Steel Band and Ambience Music Dj is one of the most popular bands, booking up to 3 years in advance. Gary Trotman Steelasophical has music in the James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale, as well winning musical entertainment performance on UK TV.

Steelasophical is also a multiple times entertainment industry award winner, meaning that not only do clients appreciate our music, we are on the world stage and fellow industry professionals are awarding and recognising Steelasophical for being at the pinnacle of the musical entertainment industry. 

Steelasophical Steel Band and Ambience Music Dj is at the premium end of the industry. We are not cheap, but represent the best in value due to our values and constant ability to over deliver.    

Caribbean Steel Drums

Caribbean Steel Drums
Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Drums
steel band dj Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Drums

Caribbean SteelDrums

Steelasophical Caribbean SteelDrum Music