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There are many different ways to play The Sheet Mime game, but the basic rules are the same. Every person playing puts a couple of nouns into a hat (typically, the more in-jokey, personal and ridiculous, the better!), and takes it in turns to play four different rounds. In the first round, each player pulls out a word and has to articulate what it says without saying the word. In the next round, pull a ~different~ word out of the bowl, and act it out. In the third round, try to describe the word using only one word. And in the fourth? Each player has to act it out under a sheet. Yeah, it gets pretty silly.

Other variations of the game involve a round trying to explain the word only using your eyes, or using slightly easier words in the hat – think people or objects.

Beer Pong involves attempting to throw a ping pong ball into your opposition’s cup, resulting in them drinking the contents. At either ends of a kitchen table / counter top/ ping pong table, put six cups in a triangle shape.

In teams, take it in turns to throw the ball into your opposition’s cups from your end, being sure to be transparent with your rules from the beginning. Is the ball allowed to bounce? Are you allowed to hit the rim? The winning team is the one who lands the ball in all of the opposition’s cups before they do it to you.

This is a party game classic, isn’t it? You haven’t been to a soiree without a bar of chocolate and some oven gloves being whacked out. If you’ve never played it before, players sit in a circle around a bar of chocolate, a hat, a scarf, a knife and fork, and a pair of oven gloves. Going around the circle, players take it in turns to role a single dice, trying to get a six. When a player gets a six, they put the hat, scarf and oven gloves on, and try to cut up the chocolate (which is meant to start wrapped!) using the knife and fork. Their chance ends when the next person rolls a six, and takes over, putting on the hat, scarf… and so on. The game finishes when the whole bar of chocolate has been eaten.