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With our  Steelpan Dj, ‘We bring the Caribbean‘ to you with our Steeldrumer and mobile Dj combination.

No need to decide between a band and having a Dj as our SteelpanDj gives the very best of both options

Steelpan Dj

Now booking into the next 3 years so check your date today!

Steelasophical SteelpanDj is a great demand

with booking enquiries being taken into the next 3 years.

These includes weddings, repeat performances

and corporate functions. Get in touch today

to learn how we can help transform your event

like no other.

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Music to Vow Wow Mix Mingle Wine Dine & Dance

Steelasophical SteelpanDj is totally versatile and caters for any type of event and age range. With more than 70,000 songs in the SteelpanDj library and a Steel Drummer able to perform music for more than 14 genres including Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Pop, Blues, Soul, Motown, Jazz, Lambada, African, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Salsa and much much more 

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Incredible Feedback: The Proof Is In The Pudding

We have a growing list of happy, satisfied customers who’ve enjoyed their experience with us.

Here are a few of our most recent reviews…. 

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan Drum Band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj  and or Steelpan band

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A recent welcomed review from a client who trusted Steelasophical SteelpanDj and or Steelpan band contact

Here Are Just A Few Main Features

  • Steel Band Soloist

  • Steel Band Duo

  • Steel Band Trio

  • Steel Band Quartet

  • Steel Band With Vocals

  • Steel Band with Mobile Dj

  • Steel Band / Mobile Dj / Limbo By Design

  • Steel Band Workshops

  • Steel Band Demonstration

  • Soca

  • Calypso

  • Reggae

  • Latin

  • African

  • Pop

  • Motown

  • 60’s – Present

  • Original

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Wedding Drinks Reception

  • Wedding Breakfast

  • Wedding Pre Evening

  • Wedding Evening Entertainment

  • Caribbean / Tropical Theme Events

  • Private / Public / Corporate

  • Fayres / Fetes / Carnivals

  • Events and Gatherings

Custom Options: We Have No Limits.

There are 3 main differences about our Steelasophical Steel Band music service… 

    • We are full-time music professionals specialising in enhancing wedding days
    • Not just another gig to us – we bring much added value, reliability, trust and commitment as standard  
    • Proven track record and respected throughout the entertainment industry 

I’ll explain why each is important. But first, a bit of ‘HIStory’…

Steelasophical Steel Band presented by owner Gary Trotman, have been providing professional music to weddings for the last 8 years. We operate all over the UK including the Channel Islands, but our music and reputation spreads however, the entire world over.

Some highlights …

  • Music used in the ‘James Bond 007‘ movie ‘Casino Royale‘ 

Visit –

  • Winning musical entertainment performance on TV ‘Come dine with me‘ 

View –

  • Music albums selling world wide in over 42 countries 

Visit –

  • Full-time music professionals

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Look, lets be honest – there are probably a hundred other musical entertainment choices out there – and I know choosing the right one for your wedding probably won’t be easy.

So here’s where we’re different. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION, FREE SKYPE, FREE PHONE CALL, UNLIMITED EMAIL EXCHANGE, where we can see if we’re a ‘good fit’ – if during our time together, at anytime I feel Steelasophical couldn’t make a positive difference to your wedding day, I’ll be honest, and tell you straight away.

But, if I feel having Steelasophical as part of your day would make a positive difference – I’ll let you know.

After all, there is no point in us working together on such a special occasion if we can’t be open and honest from day one!

So before I go, just a reminder of the 3 main reasons people book Steelasophical … 

  •  We are full time musical entertainment professionals specialising in enhancing weddings
  •  Over delivering with added value, reliability, trust and commitment as standard  

and finally…

  • Our proven track record, respect throughout the entertainment industry and total professionalism sets us massively apart from many other options.

Hopefully that’s given you a good intro to Steelasophical, I’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours with further package and pricing information, along with my suggestions based on the information you’ve given me.

Then once you received it, we can set-up our FREE CONSULTATION option of your choice.

If I’ve missed anything – or you still have questions unanswered, just drop me a reply to this email or call me on 07540 30 7890.

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Large Music Library

Steelasophical DJ and Steel Band 001

Pro Software on Laptop

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Pro iPad Software

SteelpanDj Wedding Party Steelband

Caribbean Steel were excellent and everyone at our corporate summer party loved the music, would highly recommend them.

Suzanne, SME

I would like to thank Gary, he was absolutely brilliant, and a gent. The college will definitely be inviting Gary back next year for Black History Month

Mo Miah, Westminster Kinsgway College

Gary played an essential part in making our summer event a great success. He is so skillful and his impact was marvellous. I wouldn’t hesitate in booking him again.

Victoria , Barbican

The band were booked for the wedding reception of my son and new wife. The guys were brilliant, music was excellent, they were very smartly dressed and so pleasant to deal with. From the initial booking of the event I was kept updated, the manager Gary responded straight away to any queries I had. Overall a very professional band. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Price wise, they were also one of the best and charged only half of what other bands quoted.

Arlene Dixon

Thank you Sarah Jane for the easy booking and cheerful responses to my endless pre-booking questions, and to Gary for providing perfect music for my father’s birthday. Lots of our guests commented on what fun it was to have calypso music. Gary is delightful. Thank you.


I hired these lovely musicians for my son’s first birthday party in May. It was a great choice! They arrived ahead of scheduled, set up and played wonderfully! Everyone loved the music (which turned out to be a great choice for the little children as they were not scared and quite enjoyed the soft tunes) my son loved the steel drums and we all had a great time.

Nilsa, Nilsa


Gary Trotman – (DofM) 

On behalf of Steelasophical

Tel: 07540 30 7890

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Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj

Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj : Steelpan Dj

Music to vow, wow, mix, mingle, wine, dine and dance

Steelasophical now booking into the next 3 years!!

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In simple terms, a DJ plays music. He does not create music himself or perform as a musician. Instead, he uses pre-recorded music from other musicians, usually drawing from a large collection of available songs that suit the theme of the event or venue he’s working at.

In reality, being a DJ is a bit more complex than this definition would make it appear. It may seem that the job of a DJ could be easily replaced by a music playlist, but there are a few things a DJ can do that no canned music can accomplish:

– A DJ can mix songs and create musical transitions. This allows the intro and outro of various songs to lead smoothly into one another, allowing music to flow easily and without any startling disruptions that might dampen the mood or be distracting for the crowd.

– A DJ will also make sure that the audio output levels remain consistent between songs. This is important because some songs will have much louder or softer elements than others, and playing the two back to back can be jarring. Having someone tend to the sound levels keeps the music flowing smoothly without distractions.

– A DJ can read the crowd and change up the playlist to help keep the mood of the event consistent. If the energy levels of the gathering are starting to droop, a change to more up-beat songs may be in order; if the night is starting to wind down, more laid back music could be prescribed.

– DJs at events often also act as announcers or event organizers who are able to keep the party on track. For example, they may announce things like which important dance is coming up at a wedding reception, hand the microphone over for speeches and otherwise keep the night moving according to schedule.

Essentially, the benefit of a good DJ is the ability to make the music flow naturally and seamlessly in a way that will be pleasing to the ears and maintain the desired energy levels. This is more complicated than it may seem at first, and the best DJs will usually have an excellent ear for sound and even experience with sound engineering and musical theory.

DJ stands for “disc jockey,” a callback to a time when DJs primarily worked with vinyl records. These days, DJs may work with digital music files rather than physical discs, but the details of their job remain essentially the same.

There are three types of DJs:

– Radio DJs: These are the radio hosts that play music on air, answer requests and often chatter and share news or celebrity gossip.

– Club DJs: These work in night clubs and similar venues, providing the music for the crowds to dance to.

– Mobile DJs: These work at weddings, school dances and other big events that require music.

All DJs are knowledgeable about music and, in the case of mobile DJs, will have their own high-quality sound equipment and music collections.

If you’re planning a wedding or other big event, you may be considering hiring a professional DJ to help with entertainment. However, before taking that step, you may be wondering what exactly a DJ does and what he or she can offer to your event.

A good DJ fulfills a role that’s more complicated than simply queuing up music. Understanding what DJs are and what they can do for you will help you decide how to make the best choice for your event.

DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who plays existing recorded music for live audience, and sometimes they also play their own compositions or do their own versions of existing songs. They usually perform at a music festival or night club or at a wedding function, or at some other corporate or private function that uses record players, usually turntables, to manipulate sounds on phonograph records. You also say that DJ play music for the enjoyment of the listening people.

DJ is mainly used for playing musical numbers and recordings in parties and events. Role of a DJ depends on the type and purpose of events. Today I will let you know about the importance of DJ in the Music Industry:

DJ (Disc Jockey) is extremely important to the music Industry. They directly play music in front of the audience and interact with them on a regular basis than other type of musicians. Disc Jockey clearly stands the taste of fan whereby engaging in direct and regular interaction.
The world of music has created a solid relationship with Disc Jockey. In the music industry, DJ is the first to know about which new artists have a buzz, what songs have no audience reaction and what songs are liked by the audiences.
In music industry, DJ must be able to select and play music using multiple turntables to backup one or more rappers. And it also helps to perform turntable scratching to create percussive sound. They can also help music producers often because music producers use sampling and turntables to create backing instrumental for new tracks.
A professional DJ must have knowledge of different music genres, know how to combine and mix the different types of music numbers. They should be updated on current hits and trends in music and also respond to the preferences of the audience.
When performing for a wedding, live function, a prom night, a Christmas celebration or a corporate event, a DJ has the power of transforming the entire musical experience for the guests. They play songs and music according to the specific occasion, celebration and as per the preference of the audience.
A DJ can bring the dynamics and liveliness to a musical event which no other medium and way is able to match. A DJ is one who holds expertise in creating a great impression in front of the audiences. They are the ones who know how to turn something average into exciting by bringing creativity and musical instincts to the front.