Hiring A Steel Band

Hiring A Steel Band

…should be a straight forward task. I know that we at Steelasophical do things differently to many others and wanted to walk you through our 9 point process. Striving to exceed your expectations as standard at every part of the process, from initial enquiry, to following up after the day.

The hiring process in 9 steps

Item 1 enquiry
Item 2 response
Item 3 understanding your requirements
Item 4 providing a quotation
Item 5 customer relationship
Item 6 confirmation
Item 7 booking confirmrtion forms
Item 8 payment schedule
Item 9 30 days before

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Steelasophical Steel Band & Dj is a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainemnt. As of 2020, we were 8 times voted the Best Caribbean Musical Entertainment Company UK, by LuxLIFE Magazine. Options of Steel Dand Solo, Duo, Trio and mobile dj … not to mention PA system and lighting hire. Your complete entertainment package.   

Your wedding or civil partnership is one of the most memorable events of your life and it should be celebrated in style!

Many couples can spend up to 12 months planning the big day and so we thought we’d help out a little when it comes to the hiring of the band.

Live bands for weddings have become an essential part of the celebrations and add a fantastic focal point to any party and steel bands in particular bring a unique uplifting element unlike many other options.

Not everyone has experience of how to book a steel band and the things to look out for and check. So, we at Steelasophical thought we’d provide a basic set of questions that you MUST ask before booking any style of band for your wedding day… read here

Hiring A Steel Band


First point of contact is often one of our enquiry forms

Some key information we would require to give you a detailed and bespoke proposal

Your Name

Your Address

Your Contact details (email, phone)

Venue Location

Type of occasion

Start and End time

Reason for wanting to have steelpan music

Your budget

General Enquiry
Wedding Enquiry
Email Direct
Hiring A Steel Band hire


We never really understood why so many clients would thank us for getting back to them so quickly. Untill we realised that so many suppliers eaither took days, weeks or infact in som cases, never bothered to get back in touch!

As a rule, we  not only acknowledge the receiving of your enquiry, but aim to have a bespoke detailed quotation the same day, most times, within 2 hours. 

It does make sense though, there are so many bands out there who ‘play as a hobby at weekends’ they are not able to provide our level of attention and service

Hiring A Steel Band hire London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford

Understanding your requirements

Understanding your requirements is crucial so that we can provide you a bespoke and unique to you proposal. The type of occasion, type of venue and number of guests are all so important. It is never ‘just another booking’ to us.

Hiring A Steel Band hire London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks

Providing a quotation

Providing a quotation to you in the form of a proposal.

based on the information you have provided, we will craft a bespoke proposal with various options with prices for you to chose from.

Hiring A Steel Band hire London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks Herts Hants Beds Kent

Customer relationship

Customer relationship is important. before agreeing to secure one of our services, it is important to build mutual trust and also a time to allow us to demonstrate authority in the marketplace and value. We dont just sent a generic quote and hope for the best.

We prepare a proposal and will follow up with the every few days to make sure you have received the proposal and see if you have any questions or thoughts you would like addressed.

We remain open to be contacted and encourage clients to view our social media to see what we are about, what we have done in the past, and also, to learn about social proof … past client testimonials and reviews in places such as TrustPilot and Google

Hiring A Steel Band hire Greater London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks Herts Hants Beds Kent


Once you have confiremed that you would like us to secure your date, we do a quick doble check to be sure the day is still available. Once this is confirmed, we will scure your date in the diary, prepare the bookings forms and email them over to you electoniaclly. 

It is advisable to confirm as soon as possible. We are having to dissapoint up to 70 brides and countless private, corporate and local government clients who have taken too long to confirm only to find we are booked for their date.

Lets have a conversation today!!

Hiring A Steel Band hire Greater London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks Herts Hants Beds Kent

Payment schedule

Our standard payment schedule is as follows

  • 40% non-refundable retainer fee paid on return of contract
  • 60% anything up to 30 days prior to the date

Payment options

  • BACS
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

Where payment cannt be made in advace (we often get emergency callouts to cover for failed arrivals, sickness etc..)

  • Cash on arrival
  • Bank transfer upon arrival
Hiring A SteelBand hire Greater London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks Herts Hants Beds Kent

30 days before

37 days before your event we will be in touch

  1. To confirm all is ok and that no key details have changed
  2. To confirm the venue contact details 
  3. Contact the venue to go through details and gain key information
  4. provide the venue with health& safety documents and insurance sheet
  5. Remind you the client to pay the 60% balance due
Hiring A Steel Pan Drum Band hire Greater London Wycombe Bournemouth Oxford Bucks Berks Herts Hants Beds Kent


This concludes our proven & successful 9 point booking process. We do hope you have found it useful