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Steelasophical Cookie Privacy Policy

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Steelasophical Cookie Privacy Policy Steelasophical Cookie Privacy Policy Steelasophical Cookie and Privacy Policy   Steelasophical Steelband.co.uk will never share your email address or any personal details with any third party. Advertisers who choose to list their details on Steelasophical Steelband.co.uk agree that once their information is submitted, it will be displayed as publicly accessible information. Steelasophical Steelband.co.uk deliberately hides your email address by placing it behind a contact form in order to avoid internet spam robots spidering your address. We strongly advise against placing [...]

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UK Venues Steelasophical Recommend

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UK Venues Steelasophical Recommend UK Venues Steelasophical Recommend Steelasophical Wedding Steelband Tithe Barn Sandbanks Hotel St Pierre Park Hotel Crowne Plaza Ickworth House Knebworth House Old Luxters Barns Rhinefield House Monkey Island Bray Queens Eyot Island Le Manoir Celtic Manor Cowley Manor Shendish Manor Stockbrook Manor The Roof Gardens Chewton Glen Antsey Hall Brocket Hall Down Hall Dumbleton Hall Sunningdale House Trunkwell House Gibson Hall Longstowe Hall Newland Hall Orsett Hall Old Government House - Guernsey Frensham Heights Ocean Kave The Royal Automobile [...]

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Steel Drum Music At Your Wedding Ceremony

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Steel Drum Music At Your Wedding Ceremony Steel Drum Music At Your Wedding Ceremony Steelasophical Weddings Steel Drum Music At Your Wedding Ceremony Having a steel drum music for your wedding and reception works really well. We have heard the metallic drums at many weddings and not only have the bride and future husband loved hearing the tunes but all of their friends also loved reading the tropical music becoming played. Many of them not have heard a material drum band [...]

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SonoKinetic Steelpan Buy Online

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SonoKinetic Steelpan Buy Online SonoKinetic Steelpan Buy Online Sonokinetic Steelpan is our take on the Steel Drum or Steelpan popularized by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. A tropical joy emanates from every touch of this beautiful instrument. Steelpans are handcrafted from the wealth of oil barrels that proliferate the Island State. They are a low-tech by-product of big industry and a testament to the creativity of whoever it first was that heard the music in these barrels and started to tune and cultivate them into the musical instrument [...]

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Caribbean Mobile DJ

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Caribbean Mobile DJ Caribbean Mobile DJ  Contact Gary Trotman Steelasophical on 07540 307890 Mobile DJ We can provide a DJ service for any occasion. A wedding celebration, birthday party, cooperate events, school disco, christening, dinner and dance, Parties or wake, Steelasophical Dj will provide the perfect musical backdrop or fill that dance floor with quality Music Sound and Light. 1. Mobile DJ Steelasophical with Steeldrums Our Steelasophical Steel Band DJ package will provide the music for your special event, integrating seamlessly with our band to provide [...]

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Any Lit HARRYETTE MULLEN Any Lit HARRYETTE MULLEN Any Lit HARRYETTE MULLEN Any Lit BY HARRYETTE MULLEN You are a ukulele beyond my microphone You are a Yukon beyond my Micronesia You are a union beyond my meiosis You are a unicycle beyond my migration You are a universe beyond my mitochondria You are a Eucharist beyond my Miles Davis You are a euphony beyond my myocardiogram You are a unicorn beyond my Minotaur You are a eureka beyond my maitai You [...]

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Evrod Cottoy Steelasophical Vocalist Compere

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Evrod Cottoy Steelasophical Vocalist Compere Evrod Cottoy Steelasophical Vocalist Compere MOTOWN ::: POP ::: SOUL ::: REGGAE ::: SOCA ::: BLUES ::: CALYPSO Evrod Cottoy aka Fly 0781 0391678 Angels Robbie Williams   I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they know The places where we go When we're grey [...]

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TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12

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TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12 TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12 Topp Pro bring to the table a nice neat Vertical Line Array system that won't break the bank . Consisting of the Soho s12 active 12" Subwoofer which connects to the Soho V8 Mid High top box .  The system includes the mounting pole and connecting cables. Soho V8 Specs Mid range woofers 8 x 3,5' wideband speakers, 1' Voice Coil Nominal power handling capacity 480W Program / 960W Peak Frequency response -6dB 140Hz -20kHz [...]

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Steel Magnolias Steelasophical

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Steel Magnolias Steelasophical Steel Magnolias Steelasophical A young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the local salon, where a small group of women share a close bond of friendship and welcome her into the fold. It is the image of a small, blonde-haired all-American boy beaming in the Easter sunshine that flashes up at the end of Hollywood classic Steel Magnolias – and stays with you long after the credits have rolled. As [...]

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Steelasophical Wedding Day Advice

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Steelasophical wedding day advice Steelasophical Wedding Day Advice Attending a wedding should be very much a privilege, but sometimes it really is not always a pleasure! The last thing a Bride & Groom want, is for their wedding guests to spend the drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening checking their watches in anticipation for the first opportunity to leave... So here are a few tips to keep any wedding guest yawns way at bay. Attending a wedding should be very much a privilege, but sometimes it really is [...]

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