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Steelasophical Steel Band CD’s

steelasphical Steel Band CD 1
Disc 11Spanish Eyes3.06 mins
Disc 12Brown Skin Girl3.13 mins
Disc 13I Just Called4.06 mins
Disc 14Island in the Sun3.33 mins
Disc 15Jamaica Farewell2.34 mins
Disc 16Mary Ann3.25 mins
Disc 17Yellow Bird3.51 mins
Disc 18When the Saints Go Marching In2.54 mins
Disc 19Cuando, Cuando, Cuando3.48 mins
Disc 110Never On a Sunday3.26 mins
Disc 111Sloop John B3.31 mins
Disc 112Brown Girl in the Ring4.08 mins
Disc 113Fever2.56 mins
Disc 114Mr. Conga Man3.10 mins
Disc 115Rass Mass3.09 mins
Disc 116For Carnival2.49 mins
Disc 117Lorraine3.39 mins
Disc 118Etel3.14 mins
Disc 119Too Much To Pay2.57 mins
Disc 120Liston Market2.57 mins
steelasphical Steel Band CD 2
Disc 11Tropical Surprise3.02 mins
Disc 12The Girl from Ipanema2.31 mins
Disc 13Summertime3.01 mins
Disc 14How Insensitive2.58 mins
Disc 15Soca Salsa2.57 mins
Disc 16Let It Be Me4.49 mins
Disc 17Streets of London3.02 mins
Disc 18Perfidia3.04 mins
Disc 19Girl From Japan3.35 mins
Disc 110Besame Mucho3.13 mins
Disc 111Valtatee3.13 mins
Disc 112I Have a Dream3.33 mins
Disc 113El Cumbanchero3.57 mins
Disc 114Carnival Sunday Monday2.53 mins
Disc 115Hotel California4.06 mins
Disc 116No Matter What3.14 mins
Disc 117Tico Tico2.55 mins
Disc 118Bamboleo3.16 mins
Disc 119Pan Solo2.53 mins
Disc 120My Way4.42 mins
festival tropical 100 latin hits

1. Marinero – Los Latinos
2. Quiero Un Sombrero – Pablo Carcamo
3. Atlantico – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
4. O Cana Sordi – Tumbao
5. Lambada – London All Stars
6. Consigueme Eso – Musica Latina
7. Norma De Guadalajara – Carcamo/Castro/Lawicki
8. Bebida Magica – Paclo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
9. Chapa’lante Catalina – Pablo Carcamo
10. San Juan – Los Latinos
11. Melodias Para Katja – Carcamo/Ramzy/Stiegler
12. Un, Dos, Tres – Musica Latina
13. Soca Pa’ Ti – Miguel Castro
14. Mi Guarapo – Tumbao
15. Malaguena – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
16. Tumba La Cana – Sergio Alvarez Y Amigos
17. Conga – Los Latinos
18. El Pescador – Pablo Carcamo
19. Tuviste Razon – Tumbao
20. Gibraltarena – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte

1. Candela Y Tumbao – Tumbao
2. Fantasia Caribena – Pablo Carcamo
3. Rio Manzanares – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
4. Vuela Paloma – Tumbao
5. Malditos Selos – London All Stars
6. Los Pirulos – Musica Latina
7. Mambo 5 – Carcamo/Castro/Lawicki
8. Brasilerino – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
9. Mi Alegre Serenata – Pablo Carcamo
10. Colegiala – Los Latinos
11. Tiane – Carcamo/Ramzy/Stiegler
12. Merengue Africano – Musica Latina
13. Neati – Pablo Carcamo
14. Coro Millare – Los Latinos
15. Pa-ti: – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
16. Son De Camaguey – Sergio Alvarez Y Amigos
17. Caliente – Los Latinos
18. Suave – Pablo Carcamo
19. Que Te Que Da – Tumbao
20. Pacifico – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte

1. Las Flacas – Musica Latina
2. Cumbia P’a Bailar – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
3. Ta Que Ta – As Gatas
4. El Negro Bantu – Tumbao
5. Island In The Sun – The Red Stripe Ebony Steelband
6. Ojala Que Llueva Cafe – Pablo Carcamo
7. Nadie Como Tu – Cacique
8. Tres Perlas – Cimarron De Cuba
9. Swing A La Moderna – Mandingo Y Su Son
10. Menina – Grupo Bahia
11. Guantanamera – P. Carcamo/J. Mella
12. Ven Devorame Otra Vez – Cacique
13. Dale Negro – Pablo Carcamo
14. Ya Pararan – Sergio Alvarez Y Amigos
15. El Embrollon – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
16. Patricia – It’s Time For mambo
17. Ya No Estas – Tumbao
18. M. Teresa – Carcamo/Ramzy/Stiegler
19. Barrio Sur – Miguel Castro Y Amigos
20. Quando Quando – Lond All Starts Steel Orchestra

1. Merengue De La Gallina – Musica Latina
2. Cunami – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
3. Kike – Pablo Carcamo
4. Besame Mucho – Hossam Ramzy/Pablo Carcamo
5. O Amanha – Samba Enredo Da Uniae Da Ilha
6. Nani Wine – The Red Stripe Ebony Steelband
7. La Bamba – Pablo Carcamo/Jaime Mella
8. Samba De Una Nota – Carcamo/Ramzy/Stiegler
9. Sigueme – Tumbao
10. La Marimba – Pablo Carcamo
11. Isla Del Enanto – Grupo Merecumbe
12. Capullito De Aleli – It’s Time For mambo
13. Villa Carino – Pablo Carcamo
14. Concierto Para Ritmo – Pablo Carcamo/Enrique Ugarte
15. Promise Of A Fisherman – Sergio Alvarez Y Amigos
16. La Cucaracha – Hossam Ramzy/Pablo Carcamo
17. Lambando – Grupo Bahia
18. Poxa – Conjunto Explosao Do Samba
19. Os Olhinhos De Ai – Carcamo/Ramzy/Stiegler
20. Yellow Bird – The Red Stripe Ebony Steelband

1. Que Manera De Quererte – Grupo Cimarron De Cuba
2. Ayer – Johnny Guala
3. Carlota – Grupo Cimarron De Cuba
4. Es Mentiroso – Cacique
5. Manisero – Jorge & Techi
6. No Se – No Se – Hossam Ramzy/Pablo Carcamo
7. Dale To – Victor Hugo
8. Maria – Cacique
9. Caracas Merengue – Victor Hugo
10. Cumbanchero – Jorge & Techi
11. Ella Es Mi Gloria – Cacique
12. Rosa Rosita – Jorge & Techi
13. La Gota Fria – Johnny Guala
14. Ajena – Cacique
15. Brown Skin Girl – Steelasophical
16. O Samba Nao Pode Parar/Festanca – Hilce De Paula
17. Corazon Herido – Cacique
18. Lambada De O – Grupo Bahia
19. Ahi Nama – Cacique
20. Frenesi – Jorge & Techi

20 famous tropical
Disc 11Guantanamera3.24 mins
Disc 12Maracaibo Oriental2.30 mins
Disc 13Amor De Salvador3.15 mins
Disc 14El Embrollon2.53 mins
Disc 15El Perro Y La Luna2.16 mins
Disc 16El Cumbanchero2.05 mins
Disc 17Buen Dia Mama2.17 mins
Disc 18Cucurucucu Paloma3.07 mins
Disc 19Mi Tia1.50 mins
Disc 110El Manicero2.15 mins
Disc 111Rosa Rosita2.27 mins
Disc 112Moliendo Cafe2.22 mins
Disc 113El Trovador Y La Luna2.22 mins
Disc 114Mi Cabanita3.02 mins
Disc 115Caracoleando2.06 mins
Disc 116Concierto Para Ritmo3.50 mins
Disc 117Luna Y Bruma2.34 mins
Disc 118Norma De Guadalajara4.05 mins
Disc 119El Palomo Y La Paloma2.34 mins
Disc 120La Bamba2.52 mins
discover caribbean music cd
Disc 11La Musa Borracha3.28 mins
Disc 12Mamito’s Calypso2.10 mins
Disc 13Frape Tig-bang2.47 mins
Disc 14Chicharra4.11 mins
Disc 15Barbados Carnival2.44 mins
Disc 16Kongo5.28 mins
Disc 17Llano Grande2.33 mins
Disc 18San Miguel Y San Santiago3.28 mins
Disc 19Amor Por Las Carretas2.49 mins
Disc 110Song of Freedom5.06 mins
Disc 111Si Tu Me Quieres5.00 mins
Disc 112Cuando, Cuando, Cuando3.46 mins
Disc 113Muchachita Sabanera2.43 mins
Disc 114Watermelon Spoilin’/Here I Go Walkin’2.38 mins
Disc 115Tengo Un Son3.06 mins
Disc 116Concierto Para Ritmo3.50 mins
Disc 117Luna Y Bruma2.34 mins
Disc 118Norma De Guadalajara4.05 mins
Disc 119El Palomo Y La Paloma2.34 mins
Disc 120La Bamba2.52 mins

Steelasophical Music Amazoń

Shop Proessional LIMBO Dancing KIT

+ Carry Bag

PROfessional LIMBO Dancing KIT + Carry Bag

This Professional Quality Limbo Game Kit is the perfect party accessory

for beach and pool parties, luau parties, mobile entertainers, 

hotel entertainment teams and much more.

Limbo Kit Features

  • 8 Heights (1.3m to 320mm)
  • 1.6m (5ft 3″) Long Bar (Beam)
  • Assembled in 60 Seconds
  • Solid Aluminium Construction
  • Protective End Caps.
  • Free Storage Bag

Limbo Set Design

A revolutionary new Limbo Kit designed for everyday and mobile entertainment use. 

The limbo party set has been designed to fold away into a small bag, complete with weighted bases, limbo poles and bar. 

The limbo bar and limbo poles are held together with elasticated cord making it easy to assemble and dismantle in under 60 seconds. 

The limbo kit poles and bar are made from lightweight aluminium and painted silver for a professional and quality look.

Click to buy - Limbo Dance Kit

Click to buy - Limbo Dance Kit

Click to buy - Limbo Dance Kit

Click To Buy

Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band groom
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band groom bbq evening dance
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band groom uk
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band groom
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band bride
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band Caribbean Party
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj dancing uk steel band efee
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj
Limbo Dancing Kit Steelasophical Dj Caribbean e

Jumbie Jams

Full Description

The Jumbie Jam is professionally packaged, and includes Jumbie Jam Pan, height-adjustable, collapsable stand with fun feet, mallets, instructional booklet, containing a playalong CD, music for 5 tunes, and educational material.

You will be blown away by the quality of this instrument – there are many beginner pans out there, but only the Jumbie Jam produces a sound that matches that of a professional quality instrument. Designed for ages 5 plus and Adults too! Perfect for Beginning Musicians, General Music Classrooms or adding an island flavour/Caribbean sound to any band!


Authentic Caribbean steel drum

Delightful tropical island sound.

Easy to learn beginner’s guide and song book

Clearly marked notes for easy playing

Height adjustable

Gary Trotman – Steelasophical

PA & Lighting

Bose S1 Pro | Steelasophical Steel band Dj
Bose S1 Pro | Steelasophical Steel band Dj | Speaker

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