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Your Wedding Day Timeline

You will want to make every second of your big day count, so it is essential to get your timings and wedding day schedule bang on to help your day go as smoothly as possible!

Even if you are using a coordinator or toastmaster, who will take care of everything and be sure all runs on time and in sequence (plus take care of any unexpected’s on the day), it is good for you to have in your mind, just what is going to happen and when!

Follow our handy, hour-by-hour plan and everything should run like clockwork. Remember this is only a guide – in this scenario, the wedding is starting at 2pm – and you should build in extra time in case of bad weather.



You’ll probably be awake way before this time with excitement anyway, but 9am is a good time to rise and have breakfast. Nothing too stodgy but certainly something that will fill you up – perhaps wholemeal toast and a banana? One glass of Champagne is allowed but don’t overdo it too early on!


The bridesmaids should be with you now. They should all be wearing button-through tops that can be easily removed without ruining make-up or hairstyles. As the bride you should be having your hair done first so the style can be perfected. Try to avoid having too many people in the room – only the bride, bridesmaids, photographer, make-up artist/hairdresser and perhaps mum should be with you now. Now is the time to be calm and relaxed so if anyone is stressing you out, they’ve got to go!


Have a small snack to keep your blood sugar levels up – you don’t want to be fainting at the altar! Now bridesmaids should be having their hair done while your make-up is being applied.


All hair and make-up should be done now and it’s time to get into your dress. Slinky sheath dresses should be put on over your head, taking care not to smudge your make-up. Big dress? Step into it. Make sure whoever is doing up your dress has clean hands! This is the time to give your bridesmaids their presents, especially if you’d like them to wear their gifts on the day. Your photographer will want some time to take shots of you and the girls before you leave for the ceremony, so now is the best time. Delegate someone to be the main point of contact with the co-ordinator at your venue, and give your phone to that person – last-minute issues are not your problem now! As everyone else is getting ready to leave for the ceremony, have a quiet few moments alone with your Dad – try not to cry and ruin your make-up!


Groom, best man and ushers arrive at the ceremony, welcome guests. Bride’s family sit on the left, groom’s on the right.


Bridesmaids arrive at the ceremony, shortly followed by the bride and her father. It’s ceremony time! Your co-ordinator signal for the processional music to start and then it’s time to make your entrance. A little shy? Send your bridesmaids in first! This is also a good idea if you’re having flower-girls or page boys, as they can walk in ahead of you and sit with their parents instead of standing on your train!


Your Wedding Day Timeline

Start End Activity
Guests arrive at ceremony
You’ll get married
Canapés, Drinks, Photographs
Room Inspection & Photos of couple in Room
Receiving line
Grand Entrance
Wedding Breakfast
Evening Guests arrive & Reception Begins
Cut cake
1st Dance
Father / Bride dance
Evening Buffet
Tunnel / Circle of Love Bride & Groom exit

An example of a Civil Ceremony Timeline

12.00pm Groom arrives at the Venue
12.15pm Guests and registrars arrive at Venue
12.40pm Groom is interviewed by registrar
12.50pm Bride is interviewed by registrars
1.00pm Civil Ceremony
1.30pm Drinks reception, canapés and photographs
3.00pm Receiving line (optional)
3.30pm Wedding breakfast & Speeches
6.00pm Cutting of the Cake & Room turnaround
7.00pm Evening reception guests arrive
7.30pm First dance
9.00pm Evening catering served
12am Music and evening reception to end

An example of a Church Service Timeline

(Based on Church of England)
12.30pm Groom and guests arrive at Church
12.45pm Bridesmaids and Mother of Bride arrive
12.55pm Bride arrives
1.00pm Wedding Service
1.45pm Photographs outside church
2.10pm Leave Church and travel to venue
2.20pm Drinks reception, canapés and photographs
3.50pm Receiving line
4.20pm Wedding breakfast & Speeches
6.50pm Room turnaround and reset (if required)
7.45pm Evening reception guests arrive
8.30pm Cutting of the Cake
8.35pm First dance
9.00pm Evening catering served
00.00 Music and evening reception to end

FREE Wedding Gifts

FREE Wedding Gifts

Why do I need wedding insurance?

Wedding Insurance can be an after-thought for lots of couples planning on tying the knot, but it does mean there’s one less (and very important) thing to worry about.”
                                                               Gary Trotman (Steelasophical)
Compared with choosing the rings, the venue and the clothes, arranging wedding insurance doesn’t quite hold the same romance. But the important thing to remember is that as soon as you start spending any money on the big day you’re in a vulnerable position.
wedding insurance with steelasophical john Lewis
wedding insurance with steelasophical john Lewis 3
wedding insurance with steelasophical john Lewis 4

Most couples will feel overwhelmed with to-do lists as the big day approaches – never mind the emotional upheaval. However, there are a few things they should try to be mindful of to ensure all that planning isn’t compromised:

  • Always get contracts in writing
  • Get receipts for all payments you make
  • Make sure you know when each full payment is due, to ensure you don’t lose deposits or suppliers
  • Confirm everything with suppliers a month before the wedding
  • Get supplier recommendations before booking anything
  • And finally, if the size and cost of your wedding escalates unexpectedly, don’t forget to adjust your wedding insurance accordingly.

Failure of suppliers and/or loss or damage If one of your suppliers lets you down and/or you accidentally damage something as important as your wedding dress, we wouldn’t want it to ruin your big day. So we cover your wedding attire,* wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding cars and transport, wedding photography and video, and your wedding stationery against accidental loss or damage. We also provide cover if your supplier goes bust or can’t deliver what was promised. Your cover is for the cost of any irrecoverable deposits or for any additional costs to arrange an equivalent supplier. For example if your photographer fails to turn up on the day, there is no compensation for the stress this may have caused, only for the irrecoverable deposit or additional cost in arranging another photographer.

Wedding Rings Cover Your policy provides cover for loss of or damage to the wedding rings from the purchase date of the policy, right through to 24 hours after the wedding.

Wedding Gift Cover This includes damage or theft in transit to or from your wedding or when they are on display on the big day. So if your new vase ends up in a hundred pieces, we could pay up to your chosen level of cover as long as the gifts are being stored by you, a close relative or a member of your wedding party. Please note, the cover starts seven days before the wedding and continues for 24 hours after.

Supplier Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects you if your family embers, friends or guests (also members of the public) suffer personal injury or property damage through the actions (or inactions) of a supplier you employ

It can pay for the costs of subsequent legal expenses or compensation claims and is an integral cover for businesses that interact regularly with customers.

PLEASE be sure that every single supplier you secure the services of for your wedding has a current and valid PLI certificate cover and associated safety documents (such as PAT, Working at Height regulations etc…). Rather than do this yourself, you can ask the venue to take care of this (they should anyway as part of their H&S audit!) and also, for belt and braces, if you are using a toastmaster or wedding planner / coordinator, get them to ensure this is all in place on your behalf.

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One of the highest blessings in being considered by many to be amongst the best Caribbean musical entertainers in the UK, is the opportunity to be invited to perform at the very best venues around the country.

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