GaryTrotmanPhotoZ Ashwell Village

GaryTrotmanPhotoZ Ashwell Village.

The photography of Gary Trotman taken from a magical visit to the wonderful and picturesque village.

GaryTrotmanPhotoZ Ashwell Village
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Ashwell Village
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Ashwell Village GaryTrotmanPhotoZ museum
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GaryTrotmanPhotoZ Ashwell Village

Ashwell is a picturesque village in north Hertfordshire some 45 miles from the centre of London and a few miles from the A1(M) motorway. It nestles on the chalk scarp on the spring line. The springs, to be found in the village, are one of the sources of the River Cam.

A planned Anglo-Saxon town, Ashwell has a range of vernacular buildings which are dominated by the impressive 14th century St Mary’s Church.  A market town at the time of the Domesday Survey of 1086 the street pattern still indicates where the market place was.  During the medieval period the village stagnated and is one of the reasons for the wealth of timber-framed buildings to be found when walking down the High Street.

Today the village is home to about 1,700 people and is a hub of activity.  The shops and services cater of most daily needs and include a small supermarket, a butcher, a baker, a chemist,  a post office, hairdressers, an estate agent and a florist. There is a doctor’s surgery and a dental surgery.  Spiritual needs are catered for by a church, two chapels and three pubs.

For those interested in sport there are cricket, football, tennis, and badminton clubs.  Ashwell Show, on August Bank holiday, not only allow some to qualify for the Horse of the Year show and for Crufts but also provides pleasure for thousands and much appreciated donations to local worthy causes.  Ashwell at Home, on a Sunday in mid-May, raises money for the museum, school and church restoration fund.  On this is a day gardens, shops and businesses are open to the public for a small charge.

Source: Ashwell.Gov.Uk



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