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Gerald Forsyth Steel Drum Band Pioneer

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Gerald Forsyth Steel Drum Band Pioneer Gerald Forsyth Steel Drum Band Pioneer Tribute to one of our most prominent melodic symbols! Experiencing childhood in Ethel Street, St James, P.O.S with its different networks managed Gerald Forsyth the chance to encounter their different melodic and social structures – Shango and Hosay drums, the Tamboo Bamboo – however it was the coming of the steelpan that was by a wide margin the most persuasive on his life. Gerald Forsyth was acquainted with the piano at an early age and it was his mom's desire that he turned into a very cultivated performer. Be that as it may, disregarding his parent's [...]

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Turtle Bay

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Turtle Bay Turtle Bay Click to Locate and Book Caribbean Eating and Drinking Turtle Bay Caribbean Restaurant Caribbean eating and drinking cool cooking with hot flavours! UK based Restaurant Food Music. Steelasophical Steel Band Ambience music dj. Dine out and about. Turtle-Bay Who are Turtle Bay… Born from a love of basking in the chilled-out ambience of the Caribbean, Turtle Bay is all about our unique winning combination of our food, drink, atmosphere and crucially our people. Working at the Bay … We want the best of the best to join us, so we will: • Get you where you want to be! We will actively invest in your [...]

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wedding day music

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wedding day music wedding day music wedding Steelasophical day music wedding day music wedding day music wedding day music Caribbean Steel wedding day music Drums weddings day musical Call: 07540307890 Contact Contact Steelasophical Caribbean 12 Things Your Guests DGAFF About 00:00 well hello lovely humans today we are 00:02 gonna talk about 12 things that your 00:03 guests don’t give up one fart [...]

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Steel Drum Pan Band

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Steel Drum Pan Band Steel Drum Pan Band Steel Drums Pans Bands Caribbean Steel Drum Pan Band SteelDrums 0:07 The story of the steel drum begins in Trinidad in the 1930s. 0:12 When Street Band skirmishes led to the ban of skin drums. So people in made drums from thick bamboo poles car parts tins and finally oil barrels. 0:22 Up with a whole new sound without skipping a Beat. 0:33 When people first started pounding on steel instruments, they inadvertently dented [...]

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Wedding Steel Band Hire

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Wedding Steel Band Hire Wedding Steel Band Hire We at Steelasophical Steel Band & Ambience Music Dj had a great time performing at Amy's wedding drinks reception following her wedding ceremony. Initially we were set up outside in the courtyard. The weather threatened to rain all morning but we took the risk of setting up outside as we knew that would be the best location to create the best atmosphere. But as feared, no more than 20mins in t the reception, the heavens opened and the rains came The guests were wonderful. A few of the guys came over an offered to help carry some of our equipment indoors, and within 10 mins we were relocated [...]

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Caribbean Steel Drums

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Caribbean Steel Drums Caribbean Steel Drums Caribbean Steel Drums are a wonderful instrument and sound to enhance any social gathering. It automatically makes people happy by default. Conversely, Caribbean Steel Drum music is uplifting and inspiring when sat alone listening at home. As well as uplifting, Steel drums can be soothing and healing. The benefits from music therapy spanning from the musical tones and musical vibrations from a steel drum is unique. Steelasophical is a leading provider of Caribbean Steel Drum musical entertainment based in the UK. It is amazing and humbling to witness the joy in others. A good steel drum band is however not easy to find. There are many who [...]

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Steel Band At Wedding

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Steel Band At Wedding Lets have a conversation today Steelasophical Steel Band & Ambience Music DJ is a leading provider of entertainment for special wedding days. With more than 1000 weddings going back 20 years. Unlike many who have been in the business, that equates to 20+ years of experience and not 20 times 1 years. We are continually evolving and improving which means we are forever raising the bar. Just look at our presentation, listen to our sound and read our many, many reviews from real couples. The concept of Steelasophical is a combination of the best in Caribbean steel drum music and the very best in mobile dj [...]

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Steelasophical Steel Band Ambience Music Dj Music Sound Light

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Steelasophical Steel Band Ambience Music Dj Music Sound Light Steelasophical Steel Band Ambience Music Dj Music Sound Light Steelasophical Steel Band Ambience Music Dj Music Sound Light Steelasophical Steel Band Steelasophical is within the top 1% of Caribbean Steel Band DJ services in the UK Now being booked up to 3 years in advance with a 40% retainer Reach out to us today as we turn away more than 70 clients each year due to already being booked Call: 07540 307890 Email: ••• Steelasophical Steel Band and Dj in demand for ••• ••• 4 part wedding ceremony • Wedding drinks reception • Wedding meal • Welcome evening guests [...]

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Wedding Steel Band

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Wedding Steel Band Wedding Steel Band Steelasophical is the Uk’s No.1 Choice … booking into the next 3 years! Presented by Gary Trotman Full time professional service where We bring the Caribbean to you Music to Vow Wow Mix Mingle Wine Dine & Dance We Just Love Making People Happy! Steelasophical is arguably the most popular, complete and trusted Caribbean music entertainment service in the UK. Welcome to our website  we hope you enjoy your time here, after all it was made with you in mind.  Steelasophical is considered and respected within the industry to be a leader in Caribbean musical entertainment Dedicated to making a positive difference to people lives. Wedding Steel Band 1.     Today, I promise you this: I will laugh with you in times [...]

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Premier Wedding Steel Band for Hire UK

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Premier Wedding Steel Band for Hire UK Premier Wedding Steel Band for Hire UK Gary Trotman Email Premier Wedding Steel Band for Hire UK  Steelasophical Steel band and Caribbean mobile Dj Our Steelasophical Steel Band & Ambient music Dj is a full-time, modern, professional Music • Sound • Light • Entertainment Service, where 'We bring the Caribbean to you' with "Over Delivery As Absolute Standard. Steelasophical is not just a collective of musicians, but seasoned musical entertainers with the experience and ability to positively transform any occasion like no other. Steelasophical is uniquely versatile, we offer options of Steel Band (solo, [...]

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