3 02, 2020

Steel Band To Hire

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Steel Band To Hire Steel Band To Hire Steelasophical Steel Band to Hire is a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainment based in theUK. We were proud to have been voted Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Company UK by Lux Life Magazine in 2019, our 6th Entertainment Industry Award. Other notable achievements include having a song we recorded used in the James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale. The tack used was one of 40 music tracks recorded with ARC Music Prod Int .. 2 albums, each of 20 songs. These albums are selling world wide in over 42 countries. On average we are having to disappoint up to 70 clients every year who [...]

25 01, 2020

Funeral Day Steelband

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Funeral Day Steelband Brochure Funeral Day Steelband by Gary Trotman Steelasophical.  A celebration of life. Funeral Day Steelband by Gary Trotman Steelasophical. "The very first funeral service I ever played at was for my very own mother - the second service was for her her sister my aunty. This places me in very unique position of truly understanding the balance between grieving and celebration of life by means of music! Music  From the traditional Caribbean songs such as Yellow Bird, Island in the Sun to more uplifting and up tempo songs such as Bob Marley [...]

24 01, 2020

Guernsey Jersey

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Guernsey Jersey Guernsey Jersey Steel Band Hire with Steelasophical We bring the Caribbean to the channel Islands From amazing weddings, coorporate events, high society, social occasions to music for film & advertising. We partner with you, to transform imagination into reality … all while Exceeding your Expectations … or Money Back! general enquiry getting married email direct Photography by Jeremy Trew (Trew Images) Steelasophical in conjunction with ARC Music Prod Int, were trusted by movie executives at Sony Music USA, to add that unique tropical Caribbean music flava to their icon movie, James Bond 007 Casino Royale. This was made even poinient when you think, not only did they have the whole [...]

7 01, 2020

Charlton House Gardens

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[wds id="1"] Charlton House Gardens Charlton House Gardens Charlton House, Charlton Road, London SE7 8RE T: 020 8856 3951 E: info@rght.org.uk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rgheritagetrust/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CharltonHouseRGHT/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/charlton_house Charlton House Opening times Charlton Tea Room opening times:  Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm  Saturday 11am - 3pm House opening times:  Monday - Friday 9am-10pm Sat 9am - 5pm Charlton House Tea Room The perfect setting to catch up over lunch, our wonderful wood panelled tea rooms are full of history. During the warm weather you can enjoy lunch outside on our grounds. The Tea Room offers light lunches, such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches and savoury pastries as well as fresh tray bakes, delicious cakes and hot and cold beverages. [...]

4 01, 2020

steel band wedding hire

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steel band wedding hire Check availability - Booking into the next 3 years! steel band wedding hire   steel band wedding hire   London Steel Band Hire Steelasophical Brings The Caribbean To The Capitol   Summary: Steelasophical presented by Gary Trotman has become the number one Steel Band hire service for London. They provide their services for weddings and all types of parties and celebrations. They provide a complete Caribbean experience giving people a day or night they will never forget. Services, which include steel band hire, DJs, and vocal entertainment can be provided to suit any type of budget.   One of the most recommended Steel Band hire services in the UK and the leading service for London are pleased to announce they are taking bookings [...]

2 01, 2020

Party Ideas

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Party Ideas Ahhh, the Caribbean Party Ideas - Creating Caribbean party themes is a pleasure. Anyone who has ever been to any of the Islands knows what I mean. Turquoise blue water, white beaches, rum drinks, and the Island beat give this theme all the ideas needed to create an awesome party. Where As with most theme parties, you'll need a decent-sized room or backyard, or you can rent a party room. The Caribbean party themes, weather permitting, definitely would be great in an outdoor setting (especially if you have a pool). Or, in the winter, Caribbean party themes are just what is needed for an escape from the cold weather. [...]

30 12, 2019

Steel Band Neasden

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Hiring Steelasophical Steel Band Neasden Hiring Steelasophical Steel Band Neasden . Creating Unforgettable Experiences We bring the Caribbean to you From amazing weddings, coorporate events, high society, social occasions to music for film & advertising.  We partner with you, to transform imagination into reality … all while Exceeding your Expectations (money back gaurantee as standard) At Steelasophical, we bring the Caribbean to you, With Music Sound Light, to Vow WO Mix Mingle Wine Dine and Dance. Steelasophical,presented by 6 times entertainment  award winner Gary Trotman, was more recently voted Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Company UK, by Lux Lifestyle Magazine Highly sort after and reassuringly expensive :-) Steelasophical can be [...]

24 12, 2019

Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad

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Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad     Can I DJ my own wedding with an iPad? Of course you can! If you have a wide and varied taste and can be sure what ALL of your guests will like. A few provisos here though: 1) Do you have access to professional sound equipment? You will need something a lot better than any home system for such an event and if you want the sound to be reasonable then expensive higher end equipment is needed. You may find the cost to hire this is not much less than a DJ and you have the bother of setting it all up and returning it to the hire company! Can I DJ my own wedding with [...]

19 12, 2019

Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice

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Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice land mark date in history was the 29 March 2014, this was when the UK law changed to give same sex couples the right to get married in England and in Wales. Linzi Bull and Emily Grosvenor-Taylor, from prestigious London law firm Harbottle & Lewis, explain who can get married or enter a civil partnership in the UK, and what the legal requirements are for foreign nationals wishing to come to the UK to enter a same sex marriage, and what protocols must be followed. Steelasophical Supports LGBT For your wedding day music solutions Info@Steelband.co.uk  GAY MARRIAGE IN THE UK: THE ESSENTIALS The basic rules [...]

19 12, 2019

UK Wedding Venues Steelasophical Recommendation

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UK Wedding Venues Steelasophical Recommendation UK Wedding Venues Steelasophical Recommendation UK Wedding Venues Steelasophical Recommendation - contact steelasophical for all of your wedding day music needs Click-HERE We do charge a premium price but thats because we provide a premium & professional service and over deliver as standard. If anyone choses not booking Steelasophical through seeing expense rather than our value, we would not be a mutual fit and I am more than happy to walk away ... but in passing recommend alternative options. Alternatives: https://www.steelband.co.uk/recommendations Gary Trotman - (DofM)  On behalf of Steelasophical Tel: 07540 30 7890 UK Wedding Venues Steelasophical Recommendation Bloomsbury House Located in the heart [...]