September 2021

Steelasophical Caribbean SteelDrums Recordings

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Steelasophical Caribbean SteelDrums Recordings Gary Trotman Steelasophical music presented by Gary Trotman. With music selling world-wide in up to 42 countries for more than two decades. notably the Caribbean Steel Drums series and the midi concept album PanBrassOrama. Long and proud association with ARC Music Prod Int. iTunes iTunes Steelasophical music can be purchased on iTunes Caribbean Steeldrums 20 Most Popular Melodies A CD full of sun, summer and Caribbean feel-good steeldrum music created by Gary Trotman (Steelasophical), [...]

West Indies

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West Indies Caribbean Islands: An Introduction When most people envision a tropical beach vacation, the Caribbean springs to mind. With hundreds of islands scattered mostly across the far western portion of the North Atlantic – which is known as the Caribbean Sea – the region boasts an amazing year-round climate, countless miles of white sand beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, shimmering, crystal-clear water, incredible biodiversity and much more. It’s little wonder, then, that people flock here when they need to get away from it all. The Caribbean is [...]

Hornsbury Mill Weddings

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Hornsbury Mill Weddings Steelasophical Wedding Venue Hornsbury Mill Hornsbury Mill, Eleighwater, Chard, Somerset, TA20 3AQ 01460 63317 Steelasophical Wed Day Music Hornsbury Mill Weddings Steelasophical Wedding_Day Music Steelasophical Wedding Venue at Hornsbury Mill Beautiful West Country Wedding Venue in Chard, Somerset on the Dorset / Devon border Hornsbury Mill is the ideal venue for your wedding in Somerset. Your ceremony will take place either in the atmospheric candlelit Cornloft, or outside in the Gazebo in the landscaped gardens beside the lake with its [...]

August 2021

Carnglaze Caverns Wedding Steelasophical

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Carnglaze Caverns Wedding Steelasophical The Underground Lake is a unique wedding venue in Cornwall. Many brides and wedding parties look for something different, something unique to make their wedding day altogether memorable. The venue you choose could be a hotel, a church or a licensed venue that is truly unforgettable. Scores of new marriages have now begun in the beauty and magic of Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall. You can say your lasting vows by The Underground Lake, in the Rum Store Cavern (which seats up to 400!), or in the natural outdoor [...]

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July 2021

Steelasophical Music

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Steelasophical Music Steelasophical Music - this is the place to listen to Steelasophical recorded performing LIVE. Steelasophical Steelband and Dj is so versatile, they perform at every type of event you can imagine. Weddings, ceremony, reception, wedding breakfast, evening entertainment, Caribbean Tropical theme party, festival, seminars, party, corporate, public, government, private, funeral, wake, launch, carnival ...  At Steelasophical “We bring the Caribbean to you My Personal Guarantee to you If you are looking for the cheapest solution to your musical entertainment needs, Steelasophical is not the right fit for you. Clients [...]

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steel pan band history

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steel pan band history Steel pan band history Steelasophical steel pan band history This might be compared to the use of an oboe in a symphony orchestra. Albeit the flageolet is a reed instrument like a clarinet, it is often used to bring a different bone brown to an orchestral arrangement since it’s more fretful sound contrasts after this fashion nicely with the warmer sound of a clarinet. The Double Plain chant steel put heads together robot pilot is used to create this tonality to the Double Secured bond.It is also very effective [...]

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Voted Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Company UK

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Voted Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Company UK Dear Gary Our team has been busily working on the LUX Global Hospitality Awards 2019 for the past 3 months and with research complete and a final decision back from the judges, today we have some exciting news! Steelasophical Steel Band & Dj has been crowned: Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Company - UK Having worked with you to this point, it’s great to be the one to deliver the good news and I hope it brings a smile to your face! Steelasophical Steel [...]

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June 2021

If There’s Any Justice

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If There's Any Justice If There's Any Justice If There's Any Justice Lemar Yeah I would be your man, You would be my girl Oh yeah I believe, I believe If there's any justice in the world I would be your man, You would be my girl Oh yeah If I found you first you know its true, He would be alone I would be with you When you decide, Don't let me down Cause there's nothing to be certain in my life And you've seen a thousand times [...]

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COVID Weddings Dos Donts Cant Wont

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COVID Weddings Dos Donts Cant Wont COVID Weddings Dos Donts Cant Wont COVID Weddings Dos Donts Cant Wont Steelasophical Steel Band & Dj is a leading provider of Caribbean musical entertainemnt. As of 2020, we were 8 times voted the Best Caribbean Musical Entertainment Company UK, by LuxLIFE Magazine. Options of Steel Dand Solo, Duo, Trio and mobile dj ... not to mention PA system and lighting hire. Your complete entertainment package.    COVID Weddings Do's Dont's Can't Won't Steelasophical [...]

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Old Hall Ely Weddings Steelasophical

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Old Hall Ely Weddings Steelasophical Old Hall Ely Weddings Steelasophical Weddings Welcome to The Old Hall Ely, a privately owned country house wedding venue, located one mile from Ely in Cambridgeshire, in a beautiful countryside setting overlooking three ornamental lakes and Ely Cathedral itself. The Old Hall in Cambridgeshire is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and is run entirely by the Morbey family, who have many years experience in hosting weddings. We pride ourselves from being the opposite end of the spectrum from a hotel, to be totally [...]

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