Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding


Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a fantastic celebratory occasion

Your wedding day is a fantastic celebratory occasion for you, your partner, family and friends to really let loose and enjoy yourselves once the ceremony is over.

At Steelasophical we look to continue the merriment throughout the afternoon and evening with excellent music and hours of laughter and dancing!

There really is nothing quite like having truly amazing entertainment with your favourite music played. You can rest assured you’re getting a completely professional and reliable service through Steelasophical Wedding Steel Band DJ.

Covid Wedding Steelband

Steelasophical Steel Band weddings

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We make Your guests Want to Stay!!

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Don’t Let Covid19 Spoil Your Wedding

Covid Wedding Steelpan band 003 Steelasophical

 ::: 4 part ceremony :::

Steel Drummer & Ambient music Dj:

1 – Welcome guests upon arrival, create an amazing atmosphere as they meet, mix and mingle, then take to their seats in anticipation of the brides arrival. 

2 – The brides grand entrance

3 – Signing of the register and while brief photographs are taken

4 – The bridal party exit lead by the new couple!

Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Covid Wedding Steelpan band 003 drinks reception

::: Drinks reception :::

Background Music For Your Drinks Reception: After the amazing high of the ceremony its now the first time to mix and mingle with family and friends as the new happy couple.

Drinks will be flowing, light nibbles being served and photographs are being taken; what is missing? creating and maintaining the most perfect musical backdrop to bring everything seamlessly together. Trust in Steelasophical do provide that for you!

Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Covid Wedding Steelpan band 003 wedding meal

::: Wedding breakfast :::

With a combination of our Steel Drummer Soloist / Duo band and Ambient Music Dj, we will create a beautiful uplifting atmosphere throughout your meal by carefully cherry picking wedding music you and your guests will love. From jazz, Gospel, Bolero, Ballads, Reggae, Latin, Motown, RnB, Soul… Its your wedding day, so choose the mood and atmosphere to reflect the mood you would like create.

Dont Let Covid Spoil Your Wedding

Covid Wedding Steelpan band 003 Evening music welsome guests

::: Welcome evening guests :::

Steelasophical uses the same quality PA system and lighting as top wedding dj’s – let us seamlessly kick off your evening entertainment performing music to welcome the evening guests, getting them up to speed and in the mood, and setting the atmosphere for the fun, dancing and laughter to come. Typically this would be the first 90mins of your evening dance reception. We can even play your first, second and third dance choices and provide a microphone for speeches.

Don’t Let Covid-19 Spoil Your Wedding

Your enormous day is coming up one year from now, and you need it to be unique. You booked things ahead of time, and you had some extraordinary plans about how to make the day unique for everybody included. In any case, COVID-19 has put an end on huge public social affairs, and now you’re thinking you need to end your wedding plans.

A wedding is something unpleasant to design under the most favorable circumstances. There’s a great deal of tension on you to make the huge day truly uncommon, and to have the desired providers and visitors set up. The current environment is making this a lot harder. You’re most likely hesitant to book anything for your wedding at the present time. You need to hurry up with your arrangements, however it’s difficult to focus on anything in a COVID-19 world!

With regards to booking providers for your wedding, how might you be certain you will get a decent arrangement? Now, close to 30 individuals from various families are permitted to assemble, so how are you expected to get your cooks and your wedding ring in a similar room?

A COVID-19 wedding may require many extraordinary statements to it, and a few group may even take to live streaming a little service to the visitors who couldn’t be there face to face. You right now can’t book an inn to remain in for the time being. All things considered, promising to focus on another person at the present time, and having the option to expect providers you’ve employed to focus on the agreements you’ve made, is a great deal to inquire!

Be that as it may, it doesn’t need to be difficult to figure something out for what’s to come. There are still things you can do to plan for the occasions ahead when you can accumulate your friends and family and any administrations you’ve recruited for your wedding!

Any providers you employ for your big day should as of now have defending measures set up.

A many individuals need to hear live wedding music on their huge day, as opposed to a basic Spotify playlist played over speakers. Also, while this choice might be better for a wedding during COVID-19 social removing, don’t stamp it down as the solitary choice. Heaps of providers have adjusted to the current circumstance so don’t be hesitant to connect and begin a discussion with your providers.

In any case, you have a ton of wedding wanting to traverse, and this simply tosses a spanner in progress, and makes you hesitant to book anything by any means!

Ensure the providers you’re depending on have an expert way to deal with wedding arranging during COVID-19. A trustworthy organization will have no issue in rescheduling a reserving for you if the need to delay ought to emerge. Ensure the organization you’ve paid to be essential for your wedding can do as such at no additional expense to you.

On the off chance that the music you’ve recruited for the day isn’t accessible on the new date you’ve concurred, facilities ought to be made, and another alternative ought to be offered to you. At the point when you’re working with an expert organization who understands what they’re doing, it will not be difficult for them to give elective alternatives when your unique plans fail to work out.

Coronavirus expects us to all be in the same boat!

… But don’t trust that the residue will settle!

Here at Music HQ, we really comprehend the significance of “marking the calendar”. We don’t need our potential customers who’ve enquired with us to be passing up a major opportunity for their extremely extraordinary day. We are cognizant that because of the sheer volume of individuals expecting to reschedule their big day, dates are topping off FAST.

You realize that extraordinary unrecorded music can take your wedding gathering to the following level and we promise it’s what individuals will recollect more than anything, and in the event that you’ve discovered a band you love, our recommendation is snap them straightaway!

Your huge day has the right to be unique, even with the danger of COVID-19 looming over wedding plans, and it’s significant not to quit anticipating what’s to come!

The UK is presently encountering a general wellbeing crisis because of the (COVID-19) pandemic. Relationships and common organizations are an indispensable piece of our general public, joining couples to begin their new coexistence and bearing the cost of certain legitimate rights. These services are frequently trailed by gatherings and different festivals went to by visitors who are known to each other. Nonetheless, by their actual nature, in uniting families and companions, these occasions are especially defenseless against the spread of COVID-19.

The public authority has been working intimately with partners in the wedding business to consider how we can permit little wedding and common organization festivities to occur securely.

This direction for gatherings and common association festivities has been drafted based on the logical proof accessible and will be refreshed in accordance with the changing circumstance and as more information opens up on COVID-19.

Moving ought not be allowed because of the expanded danger of transmission and dancefloors might be repurposed for extra client seating or other pertinent purposes, guaranteeing this is in accordance with the social separating rules. The solitary special case for this is the couple’s ‘first dance’.

Socially separated outside exhibitions to a live crowd, with exacting social removing game plans set up, can occur in accordance with the direction on performing expressions from Step 2, and can happen inside from Step 3.

To limit hazard of drop and vaporized transmission from the joined participants including the entertainer/s, crowd, wedding party and related staff and site suppliers, open air exhibitions are consistently best. Where any indoor exhibitions are arranged they ought to be restricted in size, execute severe social removing rules, just happen where high paces of wind stream can be kept up, should utilize intensification frameworks to make volume as opposed to normal voices, and the crowd can’t participate. A performance or modest number of entertainers is best and all ought to be socially removed. Those arranging the wedding ought to consider what the entertainers will mean for the complete size of the wedding party and accordingly the wellbeing of their occasion, albeit those working at the occasion are excluded from the cutoff points on participants at each progression.

All settings ought to guarantee that means are required to alleviate the expanded danger of infection transmission related with vaporized creation from raised voices, for example, when talking noisily or singing uproariously, especially in restricted and ineffectively ventilated spaces. This incorporates, however isn’t restricted to, bringing down the volume of ambient sound, and shunning playing music or broadcasts that may support yelling, especially whenever played at a volume that makes typical discussion troublesome. Proof on the best advances that can be taken to restrict the transmission of the infection keeps on being explored. This direction might be refreshed later on in light of changing logical agreement.