Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery

Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery. Welcome to the UK’s leading premium Caribbean Steel Drum Band entertainment service. The concept of Steelasophical is having the very best of two worlds, A Steeldrum band and a mobile Dj

Steelasophical steel band hire uk
Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery
Steelasophical Steel Band Gallery
Steelasophical steel band hire
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bride and groom dancing to steelasophical steel bad
wedding bridal party dancing to steelasophical steel band music
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A few things about Gary Trotman – 

Music incorporated in the actual James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale

Caribbean Steeldrum albums selling world-wide in over 42 Countries

Music can be purchased through every major reseller (including iTunes, Amazon, TimeLife Music)

Winning musical entertainment performance on TV’s ‘Come dine with me

Full time music professional specialising in premier occasions

Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery

My Personal Guarantee To You …

If you are looking for the cheapest solution to your musical entertainment needs, 

Steelasophical is not the right fit for you. 

Brides see our value and consider us an essential investment in their day, 

rather than a nice to have expense. 

Our exceptional entertainment services will make your day 

uplifting, unforgettable, fun, relaxing and amazingly successful

If we both agree that Steelasophical have not made a positive and transforming difference to your wedding

I will refund you money – GuaranteedSteelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery

 Ways to get cheaper wedding day music .. but at a risk!

  1. Less skilled and experienced musicians can be cheaper
  2. Musicians who pay no tax or insurances can afford to be cheaper
  3. Musicians who don’t take the time to carefully plan for your wedding are cheaper
  4. Those with no licenses, Health & Safety documents or Public Liability Insurance can be cheaper
  5. Musicians who are desperate for work can be cheaper
  6. Part time, hobbyists and weekend musicians can be cheaper
  7. People who take no pride or consideration on presentation and appearance can be cheaper
  8. Bands with poor value equipment and instruments can be cheaper 
  9. Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery

Confirm as soon as you can: 

Steelasophical are taking bookings and enquiries into the next 3 years. Due to receiving a high volume of requests (often for competing dates), we operate the fairest system to all on a ‘First To Confirm‘ basis. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO HOLD A DATE WHILE YOU DECIDEIf you have any questions, or would indeed like to secure this date and one or more options with us, please do not hesitate in contacting asap. Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery

Not What You Are Looking For? 

We value every interest in Steelasophical, but realise that there are many variables from both sides that may ultimately not make us a great fit. We see no competitors in the wedding industry for the following reasons… 

a) nobody does what we do in the way we do it 

b) Steelasophical consistently over delivers as standard in ways that many have not even thought of

c) we view professional wedding suppliers as colleagues! 

– By the time you get back to us, we may no longer be available! so as such, we would invite you to view our RECOMMENDATIONS page on our website for some alternative options. Steelasophical Steel Drum Pan Band Gallery