Steelband wedding brochure

Steelband wedding brochure

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Steelband wedding brochure

Steelband wedding brochure

1) Wearing white wedding dresses wasn’t initially about purity or symbolising virginity, but about symbolising wealth, because a white dress was so hard to clean, the insinuation that you’d only be wearing it once was a sign of luxury.

2) And white wedding dresses only really became popular after Queen Victoria wore one.

3) The largest wedding bouquet ever was over 197 feet long and used 1500 flowers.

4) Stag dos (or bachelor parties) have gone on in some form for thousands of years. In Spartan times there was thought to be a tradition of celebrating the groom’s last night before marriage.

5) The average cost of a wedding in the UK is now at £27,154.

6) But the average Asian wedding in the UK costs around £50,000 as of 2015 .

7) In France, you can legally marry a dead person, as long as you can prove the deceased intended to marry their partner before they died.

8) The worlds most expensive wedding dress is worth $12 million and was made in 2006.

9) But the average wedding dress in the UK costs £1,385.

10) And the longest wedding dress train is over 15,354 feet long. It took 22 people to make it.