Fine Farewell Steelband Music

Fine Farewell Steelband Music

Fine Farewell Steel Band Music

Fine farewell Steelband Music

Choosing funeral songs is often seen as an important part of personalising a funeral service for your loved one. It is a chance for you to pay tribute to their personality, their hobbies, or simply say farewell with one of their favourite songs.

Steelasophical Fine farewell Steelband Music

When to Have a Funeral

Some aspects of timing are beyond the control of the funeral director. They may not want to confirm a date for the funeral until they are certain that registration is done and the additional forms needed for a cremation are complete or the coroner has given permission for the funeral to take place.

You do not have to accept the first date and time that the funeral director offers. Sometimes a date coincides with other important dates, such as a family birthday which you would rather avoid.

It is also important to check the funeral director has made sure the person you want to conduct the funeral is available before finalising the date and time. Not everyone is able to rearrange work and other commitments at very short notice especially if international travel is involved and it may be necessary for visas to be obtained.

Cemetery and crematorium appointments in the middle of the day tend to get booked up first. If everyone attending is local, you could have the funeral earlier or later in the day.

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Institute of Civil Funerals

Civil funeral celebrants belong to the Institute of Civil Funerals and a list of them and their contact details can be found on the institute’s website.

The Institute of Civil Funerals, PO Box 160, St Neots, PE19 5WL
Tel: 0845 0048608
The British Humanist Association
The BHA offers completely secular ceremonies conducted by their humanist officiants. The BHA has also published a booklet called ‘Funerals without God’, for officiants and families wishing to conduct this type of ceremony themselves.

BHA, 1 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6HD
Tel: 020 7079 3580
Website: click here for the relevant page on the website
In some areas, individual freelance celebrants, from either a religious or secular background, offer to conduct bespoke ceremonies. They advertise with funeral directors or in the press and some families may know of them by word of mouth.

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Services provided by funeral directors
A basic funeral is likely to include:

A plain, lined coffin
transport of the body of the person who has died to the funeral director’s premises, usually up to ten miles from wherever the death occurred
the care of the person who has died until the funeral. This will include washing and dressing the person who has died and laying the body out, but will not include embalming
providing a hearse to take the body to the nearest crematorium or burial ground
providing the necessary people to carry the coffin
making all other necessary arrangements, for example, getting the required forms.
Other services funeral directors could provide, or which you may want to sort out elsewhere are:

a more expensive coffin and fittings
press notices
a medical certificate required for cremation, and any doctor’s fees for signing this
an organist
fees for religious services
a burial or crematorium fee. The burial fee will usually include the costs of preparing the grave
extra cars
extra services by the funeral director, for example, use of the Chapel of Rest, transport from the mortuary, or special viewing arrangements
the cost of journeys of more than ten miles to the funeral director’s premises
a memorial
catering arrangements

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