Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service

Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service presented by creative director Gary Trotman

Steelasophical Steel Band has won a major entertainment industry award every year since 2012

Wedding Steel Band Music Hire with Steelasophical for your wedding and other special occasions

Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service

Mobile Caribbean Dj, dance floor, facade, lighting. Bose S1 Pro, Bose F1 802 Bass unit. Steeldrum and Bongo

Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service

Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service

Caribbean Theme – Barmitzvah – Public – Private

Local Authority – Corporate – International

Fete – sale -open day – wake – family celebration

Ceremony – drinks reception – wedding breakfast

Wedding day party – Wedding – Party – Birthday

BBQ – Presentation – AGM – Fundraiser – Fete

Carnival – Hospitality – Product Launch

Open Day – Fun Day – Celebrations

Caribbean Evening – Hawaiian Night – Carnival

Jump Up – Gathering – Dinner – Come Dine With Me

James Bond Themelimbo dance 

Beth and Ben knew they wanted something very unique for their wedding day celebration

Our Steelasophical trio provided music for the wedding ceremony, welcoming guests, music as Beth walked up the aisle, singing of the register and for the bridal party exit. Then time for the drinks reception where things took on a more inclusive flava. 

With a host of steeldrums on show, bride, groom, family and friends were all encourage to ‘Join The Band’ in a an amazing interactive steeldrum workshop.

Many of the guests had never seen a steel drum up close, let alone enjoy what was a once in a lifetime opportunity to play one!! Steeldrum music is always uplifting, but being able to participate directly added a whole new dimension and set the tone for the rest of the day!

An experience living long in the memory

Hire Steelasophical Steel Pan Band

Steelasophical Steel Band Mobile DJ Service UK music steelpans

At Steelasophical we bring the Caribbean to you. Our Steel Band is a leading provider of caribbean musical entertainment for every part of your wedding day. With full UK coverage, booking in to the next two years. A popular choice for wedding day steel band music.

Music to enhance your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, pre and post evening entertainment. We also have a Caribbean DJ service to bring a real carnival jump up dancing vibe to your main wedding evening  

High Wycombe based Steelasophical will bring the Caribbean to you. Their Steel Band and mobile Dj service is a leader in providing tropical musical entertainment for any occasion and adding to your event, a musical flava of the Caribbean.

Your number one choice for Steel band Hire in the UK. Steelasophical is presented by steel drum soloist performer Gary Trotman who has music selling in over 42 countries and a track used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale

Hire Steelasophical Steel Band

Hire Steelasophical SteelBand Mobile DJ Service UK music steelpans

The concept of a Steelasophical Steel Band Experience is one that is relatively new here in the UK (very popular in the States and across the Caribbean), and it is one that has been developed and evolved from the well known and beloved traditional steel band.

In its most simplistic terms imagine a fusion between high quality Steel Pannist, live latin percussions (duo option) and a first class DJ music service

Add to that the musical equivalent to being as soft and gentle as a String Quartet, to being as vibrant, pulsating and loud as an 8pc caribbean band. Options of Caribbean mobile DJ service and live vocals – thats a lot to think about when comparing our services to other entertainment providers

‘Price is what you pay and value is what you receive’ – A quote from Warren Buffett … 

There is a difference between a Steinway and a Monington, the latest iPhone and a basic mobile handset …. Jimmy Choo, Manchester United, Premium and budget brands

Searching on the internet is not always easy to identify reliable, quality brands and services thats are proven, trusted, respected, global quality etc ..  a piano is a piano, they may be different sizes, collars, configuration – but they all do the same job so on that basis it is easy to just compare on things like price and size … same goes for a Gibson or Stradivarius .. try booking UB40 for the same price as Johnny and his Melody Makers – value is relative and relevant!

Steelasophical Steel Band DJ Service UK music steel pans TRIO

Steel Pan Band Trio & Dj

Steelasophical Steel Band DJ Service UK music steel pans DUO

Steel Pan Band Duo & Dj

Steelasophical Steel Band DJ Service UK music steel pans SOLO

Steel Pan Band Solo & Dj