Steelasophical Money Back Guarantee

Steelasophical Money Back Guarantee assurance is there to ensure you rest assured in our reputation, values and commitment in instilling trust in you with the true Peace Of Mind You Deserve from our level of value and service. There are a million and one things to consider and concern yourself about, Steelasophical should never be one of them!

For us it is easy to provide this level of assurance, because unlike many others, we aim to over-deliver in so many ways, so us surpassing reasonable expectations is so , so easy to do!

Steelasophical Money Back Guarantee

Steelasophical do may things under the radar that contribute to our level of service which remains consistently higher than many in the industry. Or attitude is that we do not compete with anyone, we are unique and desirable but realise that we are not gong to be the perfect match for every person who enquires into how we are able to transform their event. We even go so far as to recommend alternatives clients may with to consider if they are unable to secure one of our services. via our Recommendations page

Steelasophical Money Back Guarantee


One of the highest blessings in being considered by many to be amongst the best Caribbean musical entertainers in the UK, is the opportunity to be invited to perform at the very best venues around the country. I can honestly say that this venue sits within that category. (wonderful in-house team) – A pleasure to perform here and very much highly recommended… Gary (Steelasophical Steel Band)

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Steelasophical Steelband

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One of the many ole fashioned values we maintain is that of the physical interaction, to that end, we insist that clients print off and complete in person the booking forms and have them sent back to us in the post. This eliminates the risk of miscommunication through technical email issues and is also the last