Songs About Getting Married

Songs About Getting Married

Songs About Getting Married

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Songs About Getting Married 

The music is important because it can set the tone for any occasion. And for your wedding, it is definitely one of the crucial things you must consider. Your wedding day is a happy occasion and you want everyone to be celebrating, not sitting in their seats, so choose songs that are happy and upbeat about getting married!

Songs About Getting Married

The Dixie Cups, Chapel of Love (1964)

This is one popular song and has been played in countless wedding celebrations since it was originally recorded.

Coldplay, Wedding Bells (2010)

Coldplay brings couples all over the world together to listen to this song. This song has a tempo that everyone will be up dancing to or at least tapping their feet to.

Blake Shelton, God Gave Me You (2011)

When you play this song, you will be able to feel in that moment how you are connected to each other while the world turns slowly; you will gaze into each other’s eyes naturally and remember the moments that got you where you are now.

Elvis Presley, Can’t Help Falling in Love (1961)

Who can resist having Elvis singing this original and popular wedding song? It’s a song that tells a story about true love and in that moment while it’s playing, it’s all about you two.

Big & Rich, Lost in This Moment (2007)

Big & Rich has sung lots of songs about getting married. Here’s one of the more popular songs for wedding.

Ben Rector, White Dress (2010)

When you wear a gorgeous white dress and show up on your wedding, you will want to have this song playing for your wedding day. Everyone will remember your beauty and happiness at that moment.

Jewel, I Do (2008)

Jewel has many great songs that have some true meanings and this is a song that she created for the special moment in life, your wedding. Add this song to your playlist and your guest will love it.


Train, Marry Me (2009)

From music to lyrics, this song is a classic love song that must be on our list. The simple guitar background just makes it comfortable to hear.

Snow Patrol, Just Say Yes (2009)

“Just say yes”, what wonderful words to hear and what could be better than this one on this special day. “It’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind, only love”, as the lyric writes.

Shania Twain, From This Moment (1997)

This is a great song for two people getting together and saying their vowels as they commit to loving each other from this moment on.

Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black, When I Say I Do (1999)

This country song is one of traditional songs about getting married and it’s sung by a husband/wife duo. They stepped towards each other while singing and you two are stepping into a new life with this beautiful song.

Coblie Caillat, I Do (2011)

Compared with “I do” above, this one will help you add upbeat tempos to your music mix. Cobie Caillat always has upbeat tuned music to get even the dance haters out on the dance floor, or at least smiling.

Taylor Swift, Today Was a Fairy Tale (2010)

What has a little girl dreamed of her wedding day and how special that day is? Almost like a fairy tale! Now, you can make your fairy tale come true and Taylor Swift will sing this song to you.

Brad Paisley, Then (2009)

Brad is a country singer with a lot of love by heart and soul. He knows how to create the best wedding reception songs. Memorable words in this song can bring everyone to tears.

Bruno Mars, Marry You (2010)

When you had the best proposal ever, Bruno Mars can bring those emotions back to your wedding day with this song. Most brides and grooms will add this song on the list of wedding songs in the playlist.

Joshua Radin, Today (2006)

Joshua wrote this beautiful love song you will want to play in your wedding. “You are the one I’ve been waiting for today”, so let’s start new life from now on.

Christina Perri, A Thousand Years (2011)

This classic love song is one must that can’t be missed on your wedding, whether for processional song, first dance, or last dance.

Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud (2014)

This song has been included in many lists of songs about getting married. No one can resist Ed Sheeran’s charming vocal with beautiful tunes.

John Legend, All of Me (2013)

This song is becoming more popular at weddings now and it could be regarded as the most popular song of all playlists for weddings. Will it make your list?

U2, All I Want Is You (1988)

U2 has always been known to produce songs with meaning. You want a memorable song to be played on your wedding day, then this is a great choice.

Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married

Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married

Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married : Songs About Getting Married

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