Steel Pan Band Hire London

steel pan band hire london

steel pan band hire london

steel pan band hire london

steel pan band hire london

Steel Pan Band Hire London

Steelasophical Solo

One man band with Steeldrums and quality backing trax. A full band sound the equivalent of a 1- 8pc traditional band

Steelasophical Duo

Two member band with Steeldrums and choice of additional steeldrums, live percussions , brass, keys or vocals. A full band sound the equivalent of a 2-8pc traditional band

Steelasophical Trio

Three member band with Steeldrums, quality backing trax and combination options of steeldrums, percussions, brass and vocals. A full band sound the equivalent of a 3-8pc traditional band

Steelasophical Fouro

Four member band with Steeldrums, quality backing trax and combination options of steeldrums, percussions, brass and vocals. A full band sound the equivalent of a 4-8pc traditional band

Vocalist Entertainer

Not just a singer but a vocal entertainer that will make you feel at home. Interacting with his audience and bringing the music to life with a unique vocal ability. Performing along to quality backing trax selections from Motown, Reggae, Soca, POP, Rock, MoR and much, much more.

Steelasophical Mobile DJ

For best in Musical Entertainment What Ever Your Event Theme. Caribbean – Tropical – Hawaiian – 50’s – 60’s – 70’s – 80’s – 90’s – 00’s. Motown – Soul – Disco – Reggae – Rock n’ Roll – Ska – RnB – Salsa. Kizomba – Zumba – Limbo – Congaline – Dancing in a ring – Rueda. Literally 10,000’s of your fav Songs. We also include great ambient and FX lighting to transform any event

Booking into the next 3 years – click here to check availability

steel pan band hire london


If someone is a Reason, it can mean that you met them because you needed to learn an important lesson in some way or another. For example:

– You may have dated or been friends with someone who treated you badly but made you realise that you deserve better. Now you might have a completely different outlook on relationships and might have a frame of mind that never lets you settle for being second best. Learning this type of lesson could make you have more confidence and self respect, strengthening your future partnerships with people you meet.

– A friend you valued may have been and gone in your life for no bitter reason. If you look back at who you were before you met them, it could reveal a lot about how they have influenced who you are today. Your friend may have gotten you involved in a hobby or an interest of theirs that has shaped your career and lifestyle. Friends can empower us, even if we don’t know it yet if a friend is no longer a close one, it’s probably because they were meant to introduce you to something important.

– In your life, you may have met someone who has acted as a teacher or guide, such as professor at University or an acquaintance that you once looked up to. This person may have passed down their wisdom, giving you lots of valuable advice to take with you on your journey towards happiness.
Many of us remember a certain teacher at school who taught us a lot more than school subjects.
These people are often excellent at solving problems that younger people do not have an understanding of yet. Even decades after they are no longer in your life, you may still think about them with a smile on your face.


If someone is a Season, it can mean that you met them because they were meant to help shape your personality and individuality into what it is today.

– Many of us will have that friend that changes the way we see ourselves. If you’ve had a friend who is very free spirited, you may have learnt to not take yourself too seriously and have more fun in life. Before them arriving on the scene, you may have ran away from being spontaneous in life and been anxious about many different things. All of us go through periods of personal growth and this can be because of an individual who have helped us become the person we were really meant to be.

– You may have had a very loving, deep relationship with someone for years. This person may not be in your life anymore.
Before meeting this person, you may have been someone who hid their feelings to the point of being cold. However after falling in love with this person, they may have taught you how be an open person, instead of shutting people off.
On the other hand, an ending to a relationship could have been your fault which has taught you to look deeply at your attitude towards others for a positive change.

– There may have been someone you have only been in contact with for a couple of months or weeks, such as a time of travelling. This person could have been responsible for how your life has changed for the future. For example, meeting this person may have encouraged you to travel more or take a different path, changing what you have wanted for your career, relationships and family life.


If someone is a Lifetime, it can mean that this person is here to stay in your life for a very, very long time.

– This could be an ex-partner who you have children with. This relationship might teach you how to respect others and be civil for the sake of your family, regardless of any arguments in the past.
Ex-partners are often seen as negative, yet they can actually become a friendship if both people understand that the romantic aspect was not meant to last. There are many ex-partners that wish each other well in life and this could be a great way to learn how to forgive and move on without completely banning someone from your life.

– Many of us will have family members that will be in our lives for many decades. These people could see us grow from being very young to old, developing our personalities and strengths throughout life’s challenges.
People such as parents, aunties, grandparents and other mature relatives will be excellent at guiding you towards happiness because they know your personality so well and will often have your best interest at heart.

– We could be lucky enough to have friends that stick by our side for years and years. Many people will have high school friends that still show up at their birthday parties well into their 50s. These Lifetime people are excellent because it shows that even though we all change, we can still be very well matched to certain people and experience important life events together.

– Finally, this person could be a long term partner who have taught you how to accept yourself and love who you are.
This type of person is one that many of us want in our lives to be our happiest selves. If you meet a partner who is a Lifetime, you will most likely experience life changing events with them, such as moving in together, getting married and having children. You might see this person as the “Love of your life” which is wonderful and who knows, you might grow old (gracefully) with them!

If you would like a reading to gain a psychic insight into your relationships, visit here and one of our talented readers could give you brilliant guidance.

If you would like, tell us a little bit about the Season, Reason and Lifetime who have appeared in your life. We’d love to know!

steel pan band hire london

steel pan band hire london