Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions is an important section of this website that seeks to pose and answer some of the more common and popular questions Steelasophical are asked on a regular basis.



Are you on any any agency books?

Another area that sets us aside from many. More than 90% of our booking are direct with the end client. It can be counted on one hand the Agencies we partner with that have permission to use Steelasophical marketing information to attract visitors to their website.


Do you provide a Written Contract for services?

Absolutely!  Steelasophical will always provide a Contract for services.  Once the details of the event have been finalised, a Contract will be drawn up and signed by the client. Our Contract will clearly state times, dates, location, pricing, any additional equipment required, contact information, and any guarantees and Terms of Agreement. The Contract will be written in plain language to avoid any misunderstandings.


Can you provide music for ceremony?

Yes, we can provide music for your ceremony which includes for brides entrance, singing of the register and exit of wedding party. We will also have background music playing pre ceremony while guests arrive, mix, mingle, take to their seats, and wait in anticipation for the arrival of the bride


Do you display your company banner at events?

YES & NO Our banners are appropriate and serve as a great visualisation and information aid. Clients are delighted for their guests to be able to see and read things such as Steelasophical being the band having music in a James Bond movie, or about live TV performances. Adds to the performance and brings kudos to the client being perceived as someone who has secured quality.


How early will you arrive to setup?

This is one of the key areas that sets us apart from most others. We believe in early arrival which caters for unforeseen circumstances en-route (Traffic, breakdown etc) – even if this means waiting in the car until the location space/venue becomes available! –  we do not do the “Meh Soon Come, laid back, West Indian timing ting’

Example for the Steel band:

Start time 20:00

Set up by 19:30

Agreed arrival 19:00

Aim to arrive 18:30

Actual arrival time iro 18:00

Example for the Caribbean Dj:

Start time 20:00

Set up by 19:00

Agreed arrival 18:00

Aim to arrive 17:30

Actual arrival time iro 17:00


Do we have to provide a meal?

Light refreshments are welcomed but not mandatory and standard bookings. On longer arrangements such as all day weddings or exhibitions, this will be negotiated prior


What sets Steelasophical music apart from other companies?

Steelasophical philosophy is simple, offer the most elegant, professional, value service event and keep the focus on the client and not the band or Dj.

We also take a very personal approach to every event.

Steelasophical was founded on the principle that it will provide the highest level of entertainment at each event – we will never settle for the standard. As a testament to the level of quality we provide, we have built our business almost completely on referrals and reputation.



With anything from POP music like Amy Winehouse, Pharrell Williams & Robbie Williams to Soca and Reggae by Bob Marley, Arrow and UB4O

Repertoire extends to selections from Latin, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Modern, ‘Middle of the Road’ & even Classical.


Do you offer a no-obligation consultation?

Yes, If you call us during regular business hours one of our representatives will be available to discuss your event and answer any questions you may have regarding our business practices, entertainers and pricing. If you desire, we will be glad to set an appointment for you to come into our office, or another convenient location, for a no-obligation consultation with our entertainment staff. We also have options such as faceTime or Skype for clients who are in far away locations


What forms of Payment do you accept?

Steelasophical (subject to agreement) gladly accepts cash, cheques, direct bank transfer, BACS, credit cards, PayPal

Do you charge for set up time?

In most cases, we do not charge for set up or tear down of the equipment. unless there is clearly issues regards impeded access of request to arrive more than 2 hours prior to start time. For instance, the event is upstairs and the venue does not have any lifts, large venue with challenging access, places where additional staff may be required. This does not happen often and will certainly be discussed with you prior to booking your event.

How long will you perform for

We are flexible in performance times and as such we have options from a max 30mins to a whole day rate of up to 8 hours. For example

1 x 30mins within 0.5 hour period

1 x 60mins within 1 hour period

2 x 55mins within 2 hour period

3 x 40mins within 3 hour period

4 x 40mins within 4 hour period

5 x 30mins within 5 hour period

Up to

8 x 30mins within 8 hour period


Do you take Breaks? If so, how long are they?

Unlike most bands, our service is seamless and as such do not normally take breaks unless required by the event schedule (speeches etc). We have literally moments between songs and where a performance break is required, we have a quality Dj type service to provide recorded music during the break to maintain the atmosphere. Appropriate selections would be programmed so that there will not be any interruption in the flow of the music.


Is your company licensed and insured?

Gary Trotman Steelasophical is a sole trading company. We have in place up to £10,000,000 worth of Public Liability insurance, equipment is either within 1 year of purchase or checked, inspected and tested periodically. We are also registered for tax (this is not a weekend hobby) –  this is what we do!!


Can you provide References?

Absolutely!!  Having been in business over so many years, we are very proud of our reputation.  We will be glad to provide references, both written and video


Can we see you in action prior to booking?

Most of our performances are private … as such we do where ever possible record our performances and make these available to prospective clients. Check out our social media for testimonials and live and studio video recordings.

There will be opportunities to view Steelasophical performing live at venues such as The SandBanks Hotel during the summer


“We were at a wedding and the DJ/Band was so loud during dinner we couldn’t talk to the person next to us”. How do you handle volume during dinner and dancing?

This again is an area where we set ourselves apart from many others. Steelasophical is amplified and as such we have total control over volume and in how we set and maintain ambience. We invest heavily in the best equipment, as our RCF speakers with high quality and spl, allows for amazing sound coverage even at low volume producing a music backdrop to suit virtually any venue and size event.


When is the Balance Due for our event?

Final balances are due anytime up to 30 days prior to the event date. Our Repeat Corporate Clients may make special arrangements with Steelasophical for scheduled payments, and the pricing structure reflects this


Do you require a Deposit for services?

Yes. We require a 40% deposit at the time of booking for all events, payable on return of the booking confirmation forms.  Your deposit will be applied to the contract price.  You will always be given a receipt for your deposit which is non-refundable after a qualifying period of time


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