Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan


 Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan
is a high quality, entry level Steel Drum Musical Instrument. It is easy for anyone to play and makes learning music fun. A blend of simple design, durability and ease of teaching/learning makes the Jumbie Jam a fantastic instrument for music education . . . and the pupils love it! Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan
The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full size Steel Drum and has 8 notes (which are labeled and tuned to the scale of G) as opposed to the complex 32 note and expensive full size drum. The Steel Drum is a multi-faceted instrument providing both percussive and melodic musical capabilities creating a well rounded musical experience. The students are not overwhelmed and intimidated by the Jumbie Jam ensuring an effective and immediate learning experience. 
The Jumbie Jam was selected for a “Best Tools for Schools” award by NAMM (US National Association of Music Merchants) and recognised as a musical instrument that provides innovative solutions and opportunities for music learning. Also noted were the teacher guides and song books assisting the teacher to incorporate the Jumbie Jam into their existing music classroom or teaching it as a new group instrument. 
Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan
Available in 4 colours ï¾– pink, blue, grey and purple. This is the blue version. All Jumbies are ready to play and come fully packaged in a colorful carrying case which includes, High Quality Steel Drum, Height Adjustable/Collapsible Stand, Mallets and Beginners Guide with Play-Along-CD. The Beginner’s Guide tells you all you need to know to be able to immediately launch a JJ class. ? 6 easy to teach and learn songs – written in both musical notation and simply by the note letter along with right and left sticking. ? Play-Along-CD – each song as 3 tracks (with & without accompaniment) ? Playing Techniques and Instrument Care ? Cultural Information – Origin of the Drum and the culture surrounding it.
Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan


Your grandchild doesn’t have to be your family’s most musically gifted to create sweet tunes with this authentic, kid-friendly steel drum. The Jumbie Jam is a pint-sized, island-inspired instrument with an accompanying songbook, an adjustable stand to accommodate players of all heights, and two mallets with which to drum. The music notes are marked on its face, so grandchildren will have an easy time learning new songs. And while noise-makers like musical instruments may seem a less-than-prudent gift recommendation, the sounds of a Jumbie Jam are more similar to wind chimes than a traditional drum set.

Jumbie_Jam SteelPAnDrum Musical Instrument

“Fun to Play” & “Easy to Learn” Beginning Steel Drum Musical Instrument for children and adults. Fantastic introduction to Steel Drums, percussion and melodic musical techniques. The Kit includes an authentic Steel Drum in the Key of G, Height Adjustable/Collapsible Stand with “Fun Feet”, Mallets and a Beginner’s Guide/Song Book including a Play-Along CD allowing you to practice on your own or “Jam with the Band”. Packaged in a colorful carrying case. Designed for ages 5 plus and Adults too! Perfect for Beginning Musicians, General Music Classrooms or adding an island flavor/Caribbean sound to any band! Read More at Amazon.com

Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Musical Instrument

Jumbie Jam Steel Drum PanJumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan
High Quality SteelDrum
For all ages and musical abilities – creates soothing melodic sounds that are pleasant to listen to
Sounds as good as a professional instrument but at an affordable price
Comes in a colorful carrying case, with Stand, Mallets and Song Book with Play-Along-CD
Easy To Play – you don’t have to know how to read music!
Made in USA
  • Authentic Steel Pan for all ages and playing ability – Made in USA – All steel high quality & durable instrument Fantastic gift item!
  • Fun to Play & Easy to Learn – great for family music making – play along with other instruments
  • Simply strike the notes – you will be filling the air with the sweet sounds of the islands – Sounds as good as a professional instrument at an affordable price
  • Can’t read music…no problem Mon’; the note letters are labelled on the drum matching the notes in the songbooks
  • Ready-to-Play Kit includes; High Quality Steel Pan in G-Major , Mallets, Table Top Stand and Beginners Guide packed in a cool carrying case

Panyard W1088 Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan

Ready to Play Kit, Pan in G-Major with Table Top Stand,

Made in USA, Authentic High Quality, 16″


The Jumbie Jam

An authentic entry level Steel Pan for all ages that is Fun to Play & Easy to Learn. Simply strike the notes and you will be playing and filling the air with the sweet sounds of the islands. This Made-In-USA durable & versatile instrument will introduce you and your children to music while having fun. Great for family music making and for the classroom. Adults love it too! A hip instrument that extends beyond beginner playing to more complex playing, jamming poolside and at parties. Fantastic gift item! Can’t read music…no problem Mon’ the note letters are labelled on the drum matching the notes in the songbooks. This Ready-to-Play Kit includes; High Quality Steel Pan, Mallets, Table Top Stand and Beginners Guide. It is packaged in a handy carrying case making your Jumbie Jam portable and easy to store. Awarded twice by the National Association of Music Merchants with a “Best in Show” and “Best Tools for Schools”. Made-In-USA by Panyard, Inc., World Leaders in Steel Pan Musical Instruments and Accessories (family owned and operated since 1990). The Jumbie Jam has been named for a character in Trinidadian folklore, the “Jumbie.” This mischievous and playful spirit grabs hold of you, compelling you to do a particular thing. What you are urged to do depends on the type of Jumbie that bites you. You have now been bitten by the Pan Jumbie giving you the Jumbie to Jam!


Gary Trotman

Creative Director