7 09, 2020

Caribbean Steel Drums

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Caribbean Steel Drums Caribbean Steel Drums Caribbean Steel Drums are a wonderful instrument and sound to enhance any social gathering. It automatically makes people happy by default. Conversely, Caribbean Steel Drum music is uplifting and inspiring when sat alone listening at home. As well as uplifting, Steel drums can be soothing and healing. The benefits from music therapy spanning from the musical tones and musical vibrations from a steel drum is unique. Steelasophical is a leading provider of Caribbean Steel Drum musical entertainment based in the UK. It is amazing and humbling to witness the joy in others. A good steel drum band is however not easy to find. There are many who incapable of understanding the difference [...]

17 06, 2020

SubZero SZS-MP6A Battery PA System

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SubZero SZS-MP6A Battery PA System SubZero SZS-MP6A Battery PA System SubZero Portable Multi-Position Speaker with Bluetooth Power flexibility and convenience. A PA system you can carry in one hand. Capable of being positioned in anyway you want and compact enough to use anywhere you want. Without compromising sound quality. The SubZero portable multi-position speaker is perfect for performances pitches parties and more. Its easy to optimise your sound to suit any situation. It can be positioned vertically and horizontally. While bevelled rear corners let the speaker lean back to maximise sound dispersion. Ensuring supreme sound both indoors and outdoors. And then theres the sound. 480 Watts of potent peak power harnessed by [...]

8 03, 2020

Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan

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Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan    Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan is a high quality, entry level Steel Drum Musical Instrument. It is easy for anyone to play and makes learning music fun. A blend of simple design, durability and ease of teaching/learning makes the Jumbie Jam a fantastic instrument for music education . . . and the pupils love it! Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Pan The Jumbie Jam is smaller than a full size Steel Drum and has 8 notes (which are labeled and tuned to the scale of G) as opposed to the complex 32 note and expensive full size drum. The Steel Drum is a multi-faceted instrument providing both percussive and melodic musical capabilities creating a well rounded musical experience. The students are not [...]

29 02, 2020

Ape Labs Ape Coin

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Ape Labs Ape Coin Ape Labs Ape Coin Ape Labs: 100% Made in Germany The Benchmark for Quality in LED Uplights At Ape Labs, quality is our guiding principle, and we work tirelessly in that pursuit. Every product is 100% made and engineered in Germany with durable, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing all-metal designs. Ape Labs stands behind all our LED uplights, and we’re proud to say you can put our lights through some serious abuse, and they’ll just keep going! Ape Labs USA seeks quality in every facet of our battery-powered wireless uplighting solutions, and that includes our warranty. We’re so confident every customer will enjoy a hassle-free experience with our products that [...]

17 02, 2020

How to Limbo Dance

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How to Limbo Dance Limbo Dance. How to Limbo Dance - Just How Do You Limbo Dance? The History The Limbo (Lim-Bow) is a unique Afro-Caribbean dance, one thats a hot favourite at Caribbean and Tropical themed parties. Also known as “Under de Stick Dance” this has become a most popular form of audience participation at Tropical party events the world over. The limbos dates back to the mid to late 1800s in Trinidad. It achieved mainstream popularity during the 1950s It has its origins from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, where British and American forces took the form back to their home countries as a party dance piece. [...]

24 01, 2020

DB Technologies ES1203

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DB Technologies ES1203 DB Technologies ES1203 The dBTechnologiesES1203 PA System is the Steelasophical Steel Band Dj PA system of choice for anything and everything other than background music. The sound quality is amazing and is by far the best sounding PA we have ever heard. These rival the very best in quality used by leading mobile dj's and bands here in the UK. This represents a huge investment in presentation, quality and professionalism for Steelasophical.  ES family grows stronger with ES 1203, a complete stereo sound system encompassing its predecessors’ versatility with striking SPLs (the system features a 2400W last-generation power amp) and an impressively coherent throw pattern. FEATURES TRI-AMPED ACTIVE STEREO PA SYSTEM 2400 W POWER LATEST GENERATION DIGIPRO G4 AMP TECHNOLOGY USER-FRIENDLY [...]

12 01, 2020

Professional Limbo Dance Kit

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Professional Limbo Dance Kit Professional Limbo Dance Kit Limbo By Design Professional Limbo Dance Kit At Steelasophical We bring the Caribbean to you clikc here to buy Professional Limbo Dance Kit clikc here to buy clikc here to buy Pro Limbo Dance Kit This Professional Quality Limbo Game Kit is the perfect party accessory for [...]

14 12, 2019

Professional Limbo Dancing kit

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Professional Limbo Dancing kit Professional Limbo Dancing kit. This Professional Quality Limbo Game Kit is the perfect party accessory for beach and pool parties, luau parties, mobile entertainers, hotel entertainment teams and much more. < Click here to BUY > LIMBO KIT FEATURES 8 Heights (1.3m to 320mm) 1.6m (5ft 3″) Long Bar (Beam) Assembled in 60 Seconds Solid Aluminium Construction Protective End Caps. Free Storage Bag LIMBO SET DESIGN Limbo By Design is a revolutionary new Limbo Kit designed for everyday and mobile entertainment use. The limbo party set has been designed to fold away into a small bag, complete with weighted bases, limbo poles and bar. The limbo bar and limbo poles are held together with elasticated cord making it easy to assemble and dismantle [...]

5 06, 2019

Martin Rush Wizard

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Martin Rush Wizard Martin Rush Wizard is the latest in the Steelasophical Arsenal of quality lighting products The RUSH Wizard is the iconic Martin Wizard Extreme energised: lighter, brighter, more compact and even more energy-efficient. This music triggered and DMX-Controllable “full-house” effect light, features extraordinary bright and magical effects. It features a color wheel with seven colors and a gobo wheel with 15 unique designs, as well as a shutter for strobe and pulse effects. The Wizard delivers more than 80 agile light beams, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing color and gobo patterns. More than 80 magical beams 15 gobos and 7 colors for a large variety of dance floor looks Unique twinkle animation effect [...]

24 12, 2016

TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12

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TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12 TOPP Pro Flex 5 Soho S12 Topp Pro bring to the table a nice neat Vertical Line Array system that won't break the bank . Consisting of the Soho s12 active 12" Subwoofer which connects to the Soho V8 Mid High top box .  The system includes the mounting pole and connecting cables. Soho V8 Specs Mid range woofers 8 x 3,5' wideband speakers, 1' Voice Coil Nominal power handling capacity 480W Program / 960W Peak Frequency response -6dB 140Hz -20kHz Axial sensitivity 1W@1m 97dB / 127dB Max Nominal impedance 4 ohms Input Connector 1 x SPK Directivity 100° horizontal Crossover frequency 350Hz, 24 dB / Oct. Active Enclosure Construction Body [...]

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