April 2022

Wedding Steel Band Hire

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Wedding Steel Band Hire Wedding Steel Band Hire We at Steelasophical Steel Band & Ambience Music Dj had a great time performing at Amy's wedding drinks reception following her wedding ceremony. Initially we were set up outside in the courtyard. The weather threatened to rain all morning but we took the risk of setting up outside as we knew that would be the best location to create the best atmosphere. But as feared, no more than 20mins in t the reception, the heavens opened [...]

Steelband Gallery

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Steelband Gallery Steelasophical Steel Band Dj is trusted by so many clients as their 1st choice for a host of premier occasions such as  wedding, special celebrations and corporate event entertainment solutions. From the first email to the last note of the last song, clients trust in Steelasophical Steel BAnd Dj to Exceed Expectations as standard at every stage Steelasophical is a leading provider of quality music entertainment. Now 6 times award winner and crowned ‘Best Caribbean Music Entertainment Music Company [...]

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Steelpan Band

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Steelpan Band Steelpan band With our Steelpan band, 'We bring the Caribbean' to you with our Steeldrumer and mobile Dj combination. No need to decide between a band and having a Dj as our SteelpanDj gives the very best of both options Now booking into the next 3 years so check your date today! Steelasophical SteelpanDj is a great demand with booking enquiries being taken into the next 3 years. These includes weddings, repeat performances and corporate functions. Get in touch today to learn how we [...]

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Sunninghill Comrades Club BBQ

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Sunninghill Comrades Club BBQ Sunninghill Comrades Club BBQ Steelasophical Steel Band Dj Sunninghill Comrades Club BBQ For the 2nd year running, Steelasophical was trusted top provide the musical entertainment at the Sunninghill-Comrades Club summer BBQ event. Working alongside The Hogs Breath catering company The Sunninghill-Comrades Club in Bagshot Road, Sunninghill, offers good ales and company.  We have three full sized snooker tables and TV’s in both bar areas (one a six foot projection TV), showing all major [...]

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March 2022

Steel Band Bristol

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Steel Band Bristol Hiring Steelasophical Steel Band Bristol . Hiring Steelasophical Steel Band Bristol . Creating Unforgettable Experiences We bring the Caribbean to you From amazing weddings, coorporate events, high society, social occasions to music for film & advertising.  We partner with you, to transform imagination into reality … all while Exceeding your Expectations (money back gaurantee as standard) At Steelasophical, we bring the Caribbean to you, With Music Sound Light, [...]

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January 2022

Sing It Back Moloko Neon Mind

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Sing It Back Moloko Neon Mind Sing It Back Moloko Neon Mind Steelasophical YouTube Channel Contact Steelasophical Steelasophical Price List Sing It Back Moloko Neon Mind When you are ready, I will surrender Take me and do as you will Have what you want, your way's always the best way I have succumbed to this passive sensation Peacefully falling away I am the zombie, your wish will command me Laugh as I fall to my knees Can I [...]

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Steelpan Photo Gallery

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Steelpan Photo Gallery Steelpan Photo Gallery Steelpan Photo Gallery Steelpan Photo Gallery 0 Steelasophical Steel Band prides itself on not seeing weddings as just another booking or gig, but as a special occasion where we have to play our part in raising the bar in creating just the right atmosphere and effect the mood and feelings every couple, family, friend, and staff. A big part of being able to produce our best, is having an amazing venue as the backdrop to do what we [...]

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Caribbean Steelband

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Caribbean Steelband Steelasophical SteelBand Caribbean Entertainment UK leading Premier Modern Steel Band & Caribbean Dj Music Service Steel Band Solo • Duo • Trio • Fouro Email Caribbean Steelband Steel Drum Band & Percussion Solo | Duo | Trio | Fouro Caribbean Mobile Dj  PA System with Wireless Mic Lighting & Lighting FX ‘We bring the Caribbean to you’ On average we have to disappoint between 45-57 clients per year who would like to secure one of our services, due to already being booked by the time they [...]

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot Gary Trotman - Steelasophical Home Page Steelasophical YouTube Channel Feeling Hot Hot Hot Ole ole - ole ole / Ole ole - ole ole EE-Yessa Ha-ha Ee-yes girls Me mind on fire - Me soul on fire - Feeling hot hot hot Party people - All around me feeling hot hot hot What to do - On a night like this Music sweet - I can't resist [...]

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November 2021

Strong professional relationships

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Strong professional relationships Strong professional relationships ...can accelerate your business ... UNCHECKED ... IT CAN RUIN IT TOO Came across a thought provoking blog entitled Collaboration is Greater than Competition on the SBO website, and it served as a catalyst for me to do something I had been meaning to do for a while, which was to write an article based on my own personal experiences. We continue in a very selfless way to network, support, recommend and advise others: As a Dyslexic, Musician, Contracts Manager, Engineering Technician, Marketer, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual [...]

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