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Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins

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Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins Steelasophical Steel Band & Dj Call:07540307890 https://www.steelband.co.uk Youtube - http://YouTube.com/user/Steelasophical FaceBook - http://FaceBook.com/Steelasophical Twitter - http://Twitter.com/Steelasophical Pinterest - http://Pinterest.com/Steelasophical External Blog - http://Steelasophical.WordPress.com Instagram - http://www.Instagram.com/steelasophical https://plus.google.com/+steelasophical https://www.youtube.com/c/steelasophical LinkedIn Steelband company LinkedIn Group - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8209346 https://www.linkedin.com/company/steelasophical-steel-band https://uk.linkedin.com/in/steelasophical Steel Drum Great Beach Music Video Steelasophical 1 Hour 47 mins ••• http://Steelband.co.uk ••• For Steel Band Hire UK contact Steelasophical Steel Band & Dj Steelpans (also known as steel drums or pans, and sometimes, collectively with other musicians, as a steel band or orchestra) is a musical instrument originating from Trinidad and Tobago. Steel pan musicians are called pannists. SONG LIST: And I Love Her, In The Summertime, Jamaica Farewell, Yellow bird, Somewhere Over The Rainbow - The Carnival Steel Drum Band Yellow Bird - The Island Caribbean Steel Drum Band Yellowbird - Trinidad Steel Drum Band Yellowbird - Tropical Flavor Steel Drum Band Calypso Medley - Trinidad & Tobago Steel Drums Shake Shake Shake Sonora - Caribbean Steel Drums Sleepy Lagoon - Norman Luboff Choir Flamingo - Percy Faith Flamingo - Norman Luboff Choir Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin Beyond The Sea - Mantovani Beyond The Sea - Percy Faith Beyond The Sea - Ray Conniff Eternal Father - Norman Luboff Choir Victory At Sea - Robert Russell Bennett Music From When Lyrics Were Both Beautiful & Romantic! La Mer - Mantovali Sound recording 48:44 - 49:51 play match The Orchard Music On behalf of: ATRAÇÃO FONOGRÁFICA LTDA Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute Victory at Sea (orch. R.R. Bennett) - X. Fire on the Waters - RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Sound recording 1:11:57 - 1:17:23 play match SME Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute Eternal Father - Norman Luboff Choir Sound recording 54:58 - 56:45 play match IODA On behalf of: Hallmark Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute Flamingo - Percy Faith Sound recording 43:16 - 45:44 play match Made In etaly On behalf of: TP4 Music Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute Victory at Sea (orch. R.R. Bennett) - VIII. Mare Nostrum - RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Sound recording 1:30:35 - 1:35:00 play match SME Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute The Song Of The High Seas - Robert Russell Benett & RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Sound recording 1:40:54 - 1:45:48 play match IODA On behalf of: Hollywood Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute Native American Flute Relaxation: Quiet Flute Melody for Sleepy - Soothing White Noise Sound recording 1:46:05 - 1:46:50 play match CD Baby Monetized by copyright owner Remove song File a dispute [...]

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Steelasophical Steel Band Dj

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Steelasophical Steel Band Dj Steelasophical Steel Band Dj. When you are planning your special occasion and debating wether to secure a band or DJ .. than look no further than Steelasophical Steel Band Dj. We provide you with both options in one quality package. Why not get in touch today - as we are booking into the next 3 years!! Email Steelasophical ‘We bring the Caribbean to you’ Steelasophical Musical entertainment, transforming special days and special occasions with music and color. At Steelasophical Steel Band Hire UK ‘We bring the Caribbean to you.  Steelasophical Steel Band Dj http://Steelband.co.uk Would you like to hire the BEST in Caribbean musical entertainment for your special celebration??? ‘We bring the Caribbean to you’ Steelasophical Steel Band is a leading provider of live musical entertainment based in the UK Soca • Reggae • Ska • Motown • Pop • Jazz • Kizomba • Latin • 40's to Current • Rock & Roll  Steelasophical Steel Band Dj Steelasophical Steel Band Dj Steelasophical Steel Band Dj Great band! really worth the booking! thanks! Simon 10/10 Thank you for arranging the music for us. We had a wonderful day. Lizz 10/10 Great music, with lovely musicians! Thank you. Jess 10/10 Brilliant - everyone commented how great the duo were. Many thanks- definitely book again in the future. Nathan 10/10 Caribbean Steel were excellent and everyone at our corporate summer party loved the music, would highly recommend them. Samantha 10/10 The band were booked for the wedding reception of my son and new wife. The guys were brilliant, music was excellent, they were very smartly dressed and so pleasant to deal with. From the initial booking of the event I was kept updated, the manager Gary responded straight away to any queries I had. Overall a very professional band. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Price wise, they were also one of the best and charged only half of what other bands quoted. Arlene Dixon 10/10 would like to say how much the band was enjoyed. Extremely positive feedback from the attendees of the function. Please pass on our thanks and feedback to the band. Julie 10/10 Thank you Sarah Jane for the easy booking and cheerful responses to my endless pre-booking questions, and to Gary for providing perfect music for my father's birthday. Lots of our guests commented on what fun it was to have calypso music. Gary is delightful. Thank you. Jessica 10/10 The caribbean steel band played at our wedding on 6th October. We were only expecting a solo performance but were delighted when a duo played. Throughout their performance they went that extra mile. Would highly recommend this band for any occasion. Many many thanks for making our day even more memorable. Vicky and Rupert Claxton 10/10 We had [...]

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DB Technologies ES503 Steelasophical Steelband DJ

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DB Technologies ES503 Steelasophical Steelband DJ DB Technologies ES503 Steelasophical Steelband DJ Home Email Steelasophical Versatile and Powerful The es 503 PA system can be configured in three different modes by simply adjusting the settings via the OLED display and rotary control knob. Mono Mode: The two satellite speakers are connected top-on-top - thanks to the quick and easy slide connection system - and are then mounted on the subwoofer via a 25mm pole. Stereo Mode: Each satellite speaker is placed individually on a tripod stand (sold separately), further expanding the field of coverage. Alternatively, 2b Stereo Mode can be used to place one satellite speaker on a pole and the other speaker on a tripod stand. Double Column Mode: An es 503 system in mono mode becomes the master for a second es 503 system (sold separately) via the integrated balanced output channel. By doing so, both systems are driven by the master's on-board mixer and any adjustments can be made exclusively via the masters OLED display. Innovative Design The internal design of the full-range speakers delivers an asymmetrical vertical coverage - thanks to the Logarithmic Curved Column Array technology - and a unique ''double ringed'' phase plug widens the horizontal coverage, while guaranteeing perfect voice intelligibility. Additionally, this design allows the dB Technologies es 503 to be adapted for any situation, including for either a seated or standing audience. What's Included 1 x ES Top A 1 x ES Top B 1 x ES503 Sub 1 x Telescopic Pole 1 x SpeakON Cable 1 x Power Supply Cable Features 3-amped stereo PA system OLED DSP interface Stereo or mono configuration On-board 3-channel digital mixer Built-in extended range Bluetooth stereo audio receiver Customizable balanced output channel Logarithmic column array for extended vertical coverage Double-ringed phase plugs Auto range PSU 5 year warranty upon registering the product Specifications Speaker Type: 3-Amped Stereo System with Two Full-Range Tops and Subwoofer Frequency Response: 37Hz - 15kHz Maximum SPL: 121dB Mid Frequency - High Frequency Drivers: 8 x 3'' Neodymium Low Frequency Driver: 12'' Directivity: 95° x 65° Amplifier: Class-D Digipro® G3 Amplifier Output: 500W RMS 1000W Peak Processor Controller: DSP 56-Bit Converter AD/DA: 24-Bit/48kHz System Presets: Factory Presets + User Defined Factory Presets: Flat, Playback, Club, Vocal, Monitor, Anti-Feedback User Presets: Low Shelving, Semi-Parametric Filter, High Shelving Controls: 1 x OLED Display + Rotary Knob with Push-Button 1 x Audio Signal Monitoring LED 1 x Mini USB B Port (Service Data) Limiter: Dual Active, Peak, RMS, Thermal Crossover Frequency LF - HF: 206Hz Inputs:­­ Mic/Instrument: 1 x Combo (XLR/Jack) Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs Line: 2 x Combo (XLR/Jack) Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs Media: 1 x Built-In Bluetooth Receiver Output: 1 x XLR Balanced Output Subwoofer Cabinet: 15mm Black Painted Plywood Full-Range Speaker Cabinets: Polypropylene PP Handles: 2 x Lateral Side Handles (Subwoofer) Subwoofer Dimensions: 465mm x 400mm x 430mm / 18.3'' x 15.7'' x 16.9'' (W x H x D) Full-Range Speaker Dimensions: 95mm x 360mm x 137mm / 3.74'' x 13.98'' x 5.39'' (W x H x D) Full-Range Speaker Weight: 1.9kg / 4.19lbs Subwoofer Weight: 16.4kg [...]

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Best man forgets wedding ring Will not believe what happens next

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Best man forgets wedding ring Will not believe what happens next Best man forgets wedding ring Will not believe what happens next How best not to do it Chose the best man wisely Best man forgets wedding ring Will not believe what happens next Your wedding rings are a sign of everlasting love and commitment, and the quality of those rings should match that sentiment. Wedding rings have been exchanged very much as a symbol of the lasting bond of marriage for many centuries. The circle of a ring represents undying love and the continually renewed vows of the married couple. Wedding rings today are a physical sentiment of love, but no one can really say for sure when this age old tradition actually started. Circles have long been archetypes for not only timelessness, but also wholeness and homecoming. The circle also speaks to the constant round of the heavens, as well as the eternal return of the seasons, marked by cyclical ritual and celebration. In addition, the circle in rock art, sacred stone arrays, and astrology represents both the Sun and the Moon, themselves astrological and alchemical symbols for the masculine and feminine aspects of the cosmos. This correspondence with the Sun and Moon is emphasised by the frequent practice of choosing gold for one betrothed and silver for the other, as gold and silver are the metals long associated with the Sun and Moon respectively. Best man forgets wedding ring Will not believe what happens next Gold is the most popular wedding ring and engagement ring metal. Gold wedding bands did not become widely available until after the mid-1800s U.S. gold rush. In ancient Persia, gold wedding rings were a symbol of fidelity. Wedding Traditions In the past, wedding gowns were not always white. Many years ago, blue was a symbol of 'purity'. Many cultures have never recognised white as a wedding dress color. In Asian cultures, red is often worn. In Norway, brides used to wear green. And in Iceland, black was the color of choice by brides. The Icelanders took the "'till death do you part" thing pretty seriously. Iron was used to make rings in ancient Rome as far back as 200 B.C. The iron rings symbolised strength. Although many brides also thought it symbolised 'cheapness' by the groom. The first use of a diamond 'engagement ring' was in 1477 and was given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg.  Tradition has it that wearing pearls on your wedding day is bad luck because they represent tears. But interestingly, the amount of tears a groom sheds is directly proportional to the cost of the bride's diamond jewellery. [...]

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CSISteelBand Click below for the CS Steel Band Trust Facebook page CSISteelBand (aka Caribbean Steel International) located in the West of London is a UK based steelband. The CSI family is made up of people of all ages and all levels of ability, performing all over UK and Europe CSISteelBand On Instagram Brent Holder, World Champion Soloist, formed the Caribbean Steel International steelband in 2004, after obtaining invaluable experience from working with some of the top steel bands in the UK, Trinidad and Japan with three members owing to the demand for small gigging bands. After ensuring that their small steel band was well established on the gigging circuit, CSI founding members decided to start a community group which would involve their local communities in the steel pan art form. The Caribbean Steel International Community Group was established in November 2007 in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London. With their classes aimed at giving the public the opportunity of learning about, and how to play the steel pan instrument. CSI felt classes would be especially beneficial to those who are disabled, socially excluded and an advantage for the youths in the borough as it would keep them off the streets and teach them a culture they may not already know about, also giving them the opportunity to enhance their teamwork skills and take pride in themselves and what they can achieve.  Community Group members are given the opportunity to perform their new repertoire of music at gigs and various steel-pan events held throughout the year including the BAS Trafalgar Square Steelband Jamboree and the Notting Hill Carnival celebrations. There is also the great opportunity to enter steel pan competitions like the BAS Pan Explosion and National Panorama competitions. CSI also visits organisations, schools and institutions to conduct workshops for those groups who are unable to attend their weekly sessions. The ‘I’ in CSI identifies the fact that they have players from all over the World, hence the name ‘International’. Panorama arrangements are available, musically scored by Crystal Holder and in midi format for those living abroad or too far away in the UK to attend regular practice sessions. This enables them to learn the 10 minute tune and join CSI a week or two before the National Panorama competition allowing more players from around the world to experience the UK Panorama with CSI. In just over a year, CSI has established a Community Group, acquired a rehearsal space (pan yard) based at the Ravenscourt Theatre School in Hammersmith, London and run three weekly practice sessions for children and adults which are fully attended and for which there is a waiting list. They have become a Registered Charity and also attracted over £37k lottery funding through winning a public vote. CSI has also been victorious at the 2008 British Association of Steelbands/Children and Parents Carnival Association’s Junior Panorama competition, capturing the coveted title in [...]

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Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk

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Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk Happy New Year from all at Steelasophical Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk   Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk MOTOWN ::: POP ::: SOUL ::: REGGAE ::: SOCA ::: BLUES ::: CALYPSO   Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk Gary (Steelasophical) Steel Band ::: DJ ::: Singer ::: PA ::: Lighting Contact Steelasophical Steel Band (Solo Duo Trio Quartet) Caribbean Ambient Music Dj Call: 07540 307890 Email-Steelasophical@Steelband.co.uk Home: Steel band.co.uk You're musical backdrop solutions for your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening check out our Ambient Wedding Day Music Dj Service ADJMusic One of the highest blessings in being considered by many to be amongst the best Caribbean musical entertainers in the UK, is the opportunity to be invited to perform at the very best venues around the country. Gary (Steelasophical Steel Band) Contact Steelasophical Steel Band (Solo Duo Trio Quartet) Caribbean Ambient Music Dj Call: 07540 307890 Email: info@Steelband.co.uk Home: http://Steelband.co.uk Weddings: https://steelband.co.uk/weddings Welcome: https://steelband.co.uk/warm-welcome   Visit our supplier recommendation page for wedding suppliers we like Steelasophical Steelband Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk great Fosters Steelasophical Steel Band Co Uk Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk Steelasophical Steel Band Music CoUk   Steelasophical SteelBand CoUk 07540307890,Steelasophical,“Steelasophical Steel Band”“We bring the Caribbean to you”“Vow Wow Mix Mingle Wine Dine Dance”"Wedding Steelband"“Gary Trotman""Steel band hire London”"Steel band hire Wycombe”"Steel band hire Bournemouth”"Steel band hire UK”"Steel band hire Jersey Guernsey”"Steel band hire Isle of wight”"Steel band hire Manchester”"Steel band hire Birmingham”"steel band music of the caribbean”"Steel Band Hire High Wycombe”"Hire a band for my wedding”"Steel band""Steel pan""Steel band Music""Steel band music hire”"Steel band music from the Caribbean”"Steel band music from Trinidad and Tobago""Steel drums""Steel bands”“steel pan music”“Solid-Steelband Hire”“Steel band trust”“SteelBandHire” LEGAL PHOTO DISCLAIMER (new disclaimer): Please do not use any photos on Our page for commercial reasons or remove the copyright and artist name. Our page owns many of the photos and art work on this page. If an artist makes a photo art work for Our page as a gift, they also transfer ownership of the photo to Our page. At anytime in the future the artist would like to undo their gift, Our page will remove their art work per their request in writing. You may share all of Our photos and art work, but you may NOT download any of Our pages photos or art work without written permission from the administrator of this page. The photos and art work Our page shares from other pages is the administrators of that page legal responsibility. If you are an artist and see any of your art work on this page shared by Our page from another page, you must contact the administrator of the other page to have your work removed or taken down because it was they who uploaded your work onto their page and allowed it to be shared by all. [...]

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