LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical

LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical

With the MAUI® P900, LD Systems® presents the future of professional audio design. Developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design studio, the MAUI® P900 is a complete audio product that integrates cutting-edge technology, iconic shapes and exclusive materials. This LD Systems® active column system redefines the boundaries between technology, art and design in a totally new way.


“Its integrated design, unprecedented in the market, gives it a unique look, with no compromise in terms of sound quality. “

~ Jörg Tragatschnig, Designer, Porsche Design Studio

“Our development team has done an excellent job with the Porsche Design studio designers. We introduce a language of forms unprecedented in this sector. I am very anxious to observe the reactions of the market. “

~ Alexander Pietschmann, CEO, Adam Hall Group

LD Systems Maui P900 w
LD Systems Maui P900 b
LD Systems Maui P900 b pA system
LD Systems Maui P900 b pA system UK
LD Systems P900
LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical

Adam Hall Group unveiled its new LD Systems MAUI P900 at this year’s Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt with a presentation by the group’s CEO and a performance from Kiddo Kat.

The LD Systems MAUI P900 column PA system has been developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio and combines state-of-the-art technology with an iconic design and exclusive materials in a unique audio product.

In the presentation, Alexander Pietschmann, CEO of the Adam Hall Group, and Jörg Tragatschnig from the Porsche Design Group, unveiled the MAUI P900 to the industry, explaining the reasons and motives behind the joint project.

Experienced product designer Tragatschnig emphasised in particular the unique “integrative design”, which makes the MAUI P900 a unique product on the pro audio market.

“Our development team, together with the designers from the Porsche Design Studio, has done a first-class job. We are introducing a brand new kind of design into the industry. I am really looking forward to seeing the reactions in the market,” said Pietschmann at the show.

The unique product from LD Systems was naturally also one of the major topics of conversation at the Adam Hall Group’s evening stand party. Over drinks and snacks and in a festival mood, around 200 customers, industry professionals and press representatives were at the stand from 18:00 to bring the thoroughly eventful first day at Prolight + Sound to a close.

The musical highlight of the evening was the high-flying whiz-kid Kiddo Kat, whose cover version of the Prince classic ‘Kiss’ on a Frankfurt tram became a worldwide viral YouTube hit. She had already performed at noon at the presentation of the MAUI P900, using the new column PA system.


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