LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical

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LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical LD Systems P900 Porsche Steelasophical With the MAUI® P900, LD Systems® presents the future of professional audio design. Developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design studio, the MAUI® P900 is a complete audio product that integrates cutting-edge technology, iconic shapes and exclusive materials. This LD Systems® active column system redefines the boundaries between technology, art and design in a totally new way. Steelasophical "Its integrated design, unprecedented in the market, gives it a unique look, with no compromise in terms of sound quality. " ~ Jörg Tragatschnig, Designer, Porsche Design Studio "Our development team has done an excellent job with the Porsche Design studio designers. We introduce a language of forms unprecedented in this sector. I am [...]