Reasons to embrace a wet wedding day

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Reasons to embrace a wet wedding day | Steelasophical Steel Band Advice

Why Rain Won’t Ruin Your Wedding Day

While most couples will dread a damp wedding day with visions of chilly guests, muddy venues and damp dresses, there is still every possibility of having a truly memorable day even after the heavens open. Since it is impossible to control the weather, the best course of action is to fully embrace the situation and get prepared for every eventuality.

Here are just a few reasons why rain doesn’t need to put a dampener on your special day:

1) Great wedding photographs

Even light is still possible on an overcast day. On occasion, the bright, sunny days can make it a little more difficult to capture those special moments, especially if taking shots in direct sunlight. However, the cloudy skies create that extra texture for a stunning backdrop for all your wedding photographs. Completely clear or multi-coloured, there are many artistic opportunities to get creative and take full advantage of the shots taken in the rain. Maybe it is even possible to use a rainbow as the backdrop once an awful storm comes to an end.

2) Let down those barriers

Rain can help to bring guests together when it is necessary to huddle under a shelter or share an umbrella. Plus, most people will naturally let down their personal space in times like this, which will mean that guests and strangers are more likely to interact and create new friendships.

3) Hilarious and unexpected moments

There may be plenty of opportunities to embrace the comedic value of rain. On a bright sunny day, there is the likelihood of everything going just as planned. But, if the rain starts to fall, there is a greater change of hilarious moments ensuing. Wet shoes, leaking roofs, puddles everywhere ñ while it might not seem that funny at the moment, there will be plenty to laugh at later. Simply embrace the situation and even a little rain won’t diminish the all-round beauty and love of the day.

4) Flowers last longer

Humidity, cooler temperatures and overcast skies mean that your flowers will look and last that much more compared to dry air, heat and sun. Your centrepieces will continue to thrive in rainy conditions and will most likely last for the entire duration of the big day.

5) It can be good luck

Perhaps in the moment, many couples will see the start of falling rain as the worst thing that can happen. But, in some cultures, rain can in fact be seen as a sign of good luck which symbolizes cleansing and fertility. So if you do get rain on your wedding day, why not just look on the bright side and appreciate this extra bit of good fortune.

In any event, a wedding day isn’t simply about the weather ñ it is a special day that relates to the love between the happy couple and sharing this with friends and family. Not even a heavy rainstorm should ruin that. Enjoy your wedding day, whether it is wet or day.

Reasons to embrace a wet wedding day
Reasons to embrace a wet wedding day steelband
A wedding day wet raining and why not to worry. Wedding Band
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