Steelband Music

Steelband Music

Steelband Music by Steelasophical they are without doubt a great provider of musical entertainment. Steelasophical charges a premium price but thats because they provide a premium & professional service.

If you are not booking Steelasophical through seeing expense over added value, then they say they have failed in their communications!!

Steelasophical taking bookings up to 3 years in advance is a reflection on just how much Steelasophical Steelband Music is trusted and sort after and much respected.

Steelband Music by Steelasophical – is presented by Gary Trotman.

  • Music in James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale
  • Steelasophical is a International selling music artist
  • Winning Entertainment performance on the show Come Dine With Me
  • Gary Trotman Steelasophical is a full time music professional
Steelband Music

We bring the Caribbean to you

Music to vow wow mix mingle wine dine and dance

Steelband Music

Steelband Music hire a steel band today

Steelband Music

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We bring the Caribbean to you with bookings into the next 3 years

Steel Band





Caribbean Mobile Dj

Vocal Entertainer

PA and Lighting hire

Seven of the very top costs that make up the price of hiring Steelasophical Steel Band

  1. Musicians Fee – Renumeration that goes directly to the full time professional musicians
  2. TAX – Money set aside to be paid to HMRC
  3. Planning – Time and resources used to administer your booking & communications
  4. Inventory – Investment in purchasing, maintaining and repairs to instruments and equipment
  5. Marketing – Activities to help you discover our Steelasophical Steel Band in the first place
  6. Back Office – The money spent on day to day business costs and reinvestment
  7. Profit – Payment that finally makes its way to the owner of the business

When you start your search for a Steel Band and start to ask for prices and costings, you will find that there is a huge difference in the range of quotes that you receive back from the different musicians. No musician, Dj or Steel Band will ever admit to these, but this is actually what is happening.

Ways to get a Steelasophical Steel Band alternative cheaper

  1. Less skilled and experienced musicians are cheaper
  2. Musicians who pay no Tax can afford to be cheaper
  3. Musicians who don’t take the time to carefully plan for your wedding are cheaper
  4. Those with no Licenses, Health & Safety docs nor Public Liability insurance are cheaper
  5. Musicians who are desperate for work are cheaper
  6. Part time, hobbyists, weekend musicians are cheaper

A few things about Gary Trotman (Steelasophical)

• Music incorporated in the James Bond 007 Movie Casino Royale

• Caribbean Steel Drum Albums Selling World-wide in over 42 Countries

• Winning musical entertainment performance on TV’s ‘Come Dine with Me

• Full time music professionals


How much would you pay for a 3pc, 4pc, 5pc or even an 8pc Caribbean band????

• Solo – Sound equivalent to a 1-8pc band with live steeldrums and quality backing tracks

• Duo or Trio – Equivalent to a 2-12pc band with live steeldrums, percussions, option of added vocals and DJ

Your Quote:

Quote Ref: ST/




Arrival at least 1 hour prior to start time

40% deposit on return of contract

60% balance paid no later than 30 days prior to event

You will provide:

1 x 13amp socket

Confirmation of performance area

Confirmation of contact name and number of persons to liaise with on the day


Max 60mins = 1 x 60mins of Caribbean Steel Drum Music

Max 90mins = 1 x 90 mins of Caribbean Steel Drum Music

An iPod/Dj Music Service to provide appropriate music during the short performance breaks is included on below options:

Quote based on performing in ONE static location

Max 2 hours (includes max 2 x 55 mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 3 hours (includes max 3 x 40 mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 4 hours (includes max 3 x 40 mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 5 Hours (includes max 5 x 30mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 6 Hours (includes max 6 x 30mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 7 Hours (includes max 7 x 30 mins caribbean steel drum music)

Max 8 Hours (includes max 8 x 30 mins caribbean steel drum music)

Price Is What You Pay … Our Added Value Is What You Remember

Early bird prices rise by 15% after 10 days

• Confirming of booking & return of contract within 10 days of initial enquiry:

• Online written testimonials within 30 days following the booking date

• Photo with band (for website) within 30 days following the booking date 

If you have any questions, or would like to secure this date with us, please do not hesitate in contacting me

and I will secure the date for you and will forward the booking confirmation forms be reply

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