BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

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BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides steelasophical steel band

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

Ocean Kave

Make time together a priority. Budget for a consistent date night. Time is the “currency of relationships,” so consistently invest time into your marriage.

Always wear your wedding ring. It will remind you that you’re always connected to your spouse and will remind the rest of the world that you’re off limits.

Remember that marriage isn’t 50/50— divorce is 50/50. Marriage has to be 100/100. It’s not splitting everything in half, but both partners giving everything they’ve got

Make laughter the soundtrack of your marriage. Share moments of joy. And even in the hard times, find reasons to laugh.

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides steelband

You may have already been advised to make sure to take some time for your partner during the big day. But try to make some time just for yourself, too. One of the things I found during the wedding was that from 7am I had no time to myself.

There was always someone in my room, always someone who had question, always a well wisher and always someone ready with a camera. It can become difficult to keep energy levels up when you’re “on show” for twelve or more hours at a stretch.

I found myself wishing for a few minutes every few hours or so just to be able to go somewhere quiet and collect my thoughts / recharge my batteries / have a glass of water / check my lipstick or just be uninterrupted for a few minutes so I could then enjoy the day more.

Like most Offbeat Brides, I’ve had a little love-in with nearly all my vendors. I simple cannot believe that they’ve taken some sketchy brief and come back with designs, flowers, decorations, etc., that completely surpassed my expectations.

After the wedding I wrote each one an incredibly detailed thank you as I wanted them to be able to use my comments as a testimonial to share with other brides and grooms.

If you really love your vendor, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is not just a letter of profuse thanks, but to also take it upon yourself to find a public site that rates said vendor and write something that could sway couples to call that company.

I know it’s not really in our job descriptions to act as their marketing departments. But as so many of them went out of their way for me, I am genuinely moved to want to make a difference to their business.

Watch what you drink. It’s understandable that the night before a wedding may involve alcohol – it is used by lots of us to relax, unwind and have fun (all of which you want this night to be). But there’s lots of research to suggest that it could ruin the quality and amount of your sleep.

Caffeine should also be a ‘no-go’ area. For a funky and fresh approach to the pre-wedding night, why not try making up some smoothies? They can be delicious, are known to have great health benefits and some help ensure the sleep every bride-to-be needs! There are a lots of fun recipes around, here are some to get you started – but be sure to experiment!

The beauty regime

One of the biggest worries a bride can have before her wedding is whether she’ll look her best on the big day, and most especially doing all they can to have the perfect, wedding morning skin. Sometimes though, that means that in their pursuit of perfection, brides can actually do more damage to their skin.

  1. Hydrate. Have plenty of water the night before your wedding. Mixing it with lemon is also a winning, if unexciting combination! As our expert says “you can always tell the skin on those who have been drinking plenty of water, from those who haven’t”.
  2. Watch the tan. Try and resist a last evening panic about being pale, it can cause more problems than it’s worth! “We often see girls panicking about being too pale and using the sunbed a day or two before the wedding” says Phoebe, “and they end up sunburnt, which again is really tough to disguise”.
  3. Exfoliate. Phoebe explains “by exfoliating and moisturising the skin both on the face and body, the skin will look its best” says Phoebe, “but avoid having any other facials within three days of the wedding”. Though a gentle exfoliation, is the order of the day (well, night) before your wedding, what about the dreaded fake tan? Should you have had a spray-tan which is a little too extreme for your liking, exfoliating can also reduce your brightness too though as Phoebe mentions “I’d avoid a false tan if you’re going for a slinky and/or silk type dress in the summer months”. Remember when exfoliating before a wedding to swap the more abrasive exfoliators for ones containing lactic or glycolic acid.

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

Before the hair and make-up

Thoughts of the hair and makeup may dominate your thoughts, but before then you have some time on your hands. In what is likely to be a tightly scheduled and hectic day treat this time as a haven, the time to stretch out and bask in the glow of what is to come. Though that doesn’t mean there is nothing you could be doing!

  1. Breakfast. Today just isn’t the day to skip breakfast. Being nervous uses energy, so make sure that you eat! How and where you spend the night before can influence your breakfast options, as can your personality. Stick with what you prefer. We would recommend something healthy and easy on your digestion, but so long as you remember to eat, then the day has got off to a great start.
  2. Bring the fun. Try not to take everything so seriously. This once in a lifetime event can sweep you into its whirlwind and leave the day as a blur, unless you make time for yourself. Laugh with friends and take the time to breathe, to share this special day with your loved ones. Creating a music playlist for the morning can get the morning off on the front foot and soon have the room awash with laughter and chatter. You can keep it current, fill the playlist with songs that mean something to you and your friends, or something else entirely. It’s your wedding morning, do it your way!
  3. Wear the right clothing. When getting dressed in the morning, pre hair and make-up, seriously consider wearing a zip-up jumper or hoodie. You don’t want your hair to be perfectly formed with a perfectly made-up face and then have to pull a t-shirt or jumper over your head. Try and avoid bra straps too, either go au natural or wear a strapless number as strap marks on the skin can be unsightly when it’s time to say “I Do”!

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides: If anything is forgotten on a wedding morning, you can almost guarantee that hair and makeup will not be one of them! Even though its importance is not in question there are still things to be sure to know in order to get the most out of it .

  1. Find the right style. A make-up artist may be able to help in selecting your style, but this is your day, the day you have dreamed about for years, and in those dreams I bet you always looked the same. Beautiful, in a way that you know best, make-up of your own creation. Whilst thinking about the make-up style, it is best to have the following ethos “be a polished version of you, rather than something completely new”.
  2. Find the right stylist. It sounds simple, but make-up is a very personal thing. If you are using a professional then it also requires you to place a great deal of trust in the beauty-giver. Though all it takes to avoid this is a little time, preparation and perseverance. Do your research, read reviews from people just like yourself and then have a make-up trial. This is very important, don’t wait until the big day to get it wrong!
  3. Bring the stylist to you. Try and get your hair and make-up stylist to come to you, and also ask them to come up with a schedule – it’ll reduce the stress of the day and make things easier to manage. When the stylists arrive, a key tip is to have an area prepared, as our expert Phoebe points out – “it’s always a good idea to leave a dressing table free from all your items, so the stylists can sit you in the mirror especially when styling hair, and place their kit on the table”.
  4. Don’t be afraid to DIY. It’s all very well using a professional, and the results can make you look tremendous – but so can you, your friends and family. Brides have often expressed how they adore the personal touch that comes with somebody you know and love applying the make-up. It’s a family occasion after all, and if you doubt the power of DIY then it might be time to start believing . Let’s not forget that the Duchess of Cambridge herself chose to do her own make-up on her big day!
  5. Have an emergency bag. On the day, especially if you have to make your way to the salon, it is a great idea to carry an emergency hair and make-up bag with you. To be insured against any day-time disasters, we would suggest packing the following:
  • Scissors
  • Plasters & shoe pads
  • Sanitary towel
  • Razor
  • Pain killers
  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets
  • Sewing kit
  • Deodorant
  • Spare toothbrush & paste
  • Nail file

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides Photography

“The morning is one of my favourite parts of a wedding day to photograph”. Those are the words of Laura Lawson, an expert on wedding photography. It is with good reason that it is the favourite part, it’s all incredibly natural and some of the most memorable photographs come from the morning – so be ready!

  1. Be ready! The photographer likes to arrive early to the house of the bride. As Laura states “we like to arrive about two hours before the bride will be leaving for the ceremony, which allows for plenty of time to capture some natural moments of all that nervous/excited anticipation”.
  2. Try and schedule! Working from a schedule can help out not only the photographer, but your hair/make-up and bridesmaids too! In fact for a little effort in making a schedule could help you induce a more relaxed environment, and in doing so having more natural, happy pictures.
  3. Grab your gear. A photographer needs to know the little things, like which shoes are yours, what jewellery are you wearing, etc. By grouping them all in one room before the photographer arrives you are saving them valuable time. When the big moment arrives to put the dress on, you will be glad you gathered everything together, as Laura points out “time often runs away with you as the time to leave approaches”.
  4. Enjoy the morning. “Try and relax and enjoy it with your best friends” says Laura, “you’ve planned this day for a long time”. If you aren’t careful the day will pass you buy, and although a spot of hectic rushing is almost guaranteed, a bit of calm and enjoyment will bring the best out in your pictures.

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides steelasophical steelband

BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

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BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

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BEST EVER Wedding Advice from REAL Brides

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