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london town
steeldrum pan band
the drummer
double seconds steelpan
ole time pan
steelpan garden
4ths & 5ths bore


london grafitti wall


grafitti greenwich steelasophical


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Gary Trotman ART

GaryTrotman Art

Redbubble is an online marketplace for print on demand products based on user submitted artwork. The company was founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and also maintains offices in San Francisco. It has proved to be the perfect platform for Gary Trotman to promote, display and sell his photographic designs.

The picture of me was taken by Jeremy Trew

All other photographs were taken at a time post 14th october 2008 when I suffered a severe wrist fracture resulting in major reconstruction surgery to have a plate and 8 screens placed within my wrist. I was unable for more than 3 years to perform as a pro musician due to recovering from the after effects of the surgery, cast and physio. My creative passion moved to the art of photography, and below is a small excerpt of the results.

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