Over delivery as standard

A few things to ask your choice of entertainment

  • Do you have public liability insurance? (you do not want to be liable for damages or accidents, some of which could involve your family, friends and guests)
  • Are you able to provide us with H&S documentation (Risk assessment, PLI, PAT Certification)
  • Are you prepared to schedule your arrival for at least 2 hours prior to start time without extra charge
  • Do you have another booking after ours which will mean you needing to rush straight off (taking into account your event may overrun slightly)
  • Are you a musical entertainer or just a musician (there is a difference)
  • Will you commit to proving us with a continuous service (no longer gaps between songs to chat, eat, drink, use mobile phone)
  • Do you have the facility to provide recorded ambient music during your break so that the atmosphere is maintained
  • Are you an established band or a group of musicians getting together to ‘Do A Gig’
  • Is our wedding a special occasion or ‘Just Another Gig?’
  • What is the quality of your instruments and equipment
  • Steelasophical has music in a James Bond Movie, We have a winning entertainment performance on TV, albums selling world wide in over 42 countries. Find out what accolades and achievements your choice can truthfully site.
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When booking a band, always make sure they are prepared to never arrive on time … we as a rule aim to arrive at least 2 hours prior to start time, even though the client would be expecting us to arrive about 1 hour prior to start.

This is important for a number of reasons 1. gives the client and venue peace of mind to see you arrive so early and set up well ahead of schedule.

It gives them the time and mental space to concern themselves about the other million things that could go wrong!

  • Breakdown
  • Traffic
  • Diversions
  • Getting lost
  • Client giving wrong address

One perfect example I can recall, was being involved in a tyre blowout on the M4. I pulled the car over to the side of the road, but this was quite close to vehicles exiting the motorway at high speed. I felt this situation too dangerous to tackle alone, so called for the recovery service for assistance.

They arrived about 90mins after my call, we emptied the car off all equipment to access the spare wheel, the blown wheel was replaced, car repacked and I was back on my way. By allowing a 2.5 hour earlier than contracted, I arrived at the venue more than 1 hour earlier than the client was expecting me.

We even had an instance where the bride and groom had to change the location of their wedding last minute, but neglected to inform a number of the suppliers (including us), due to a falling out with the catering company on who’s grounds the reception was to take place.  – we still arrived at the new location with time to spare having tracked down the best man on his mobile!

Had I planned to arrive on time, I would have been late arriving.

We would rather arrive up to 3 hours early rather than a single minute late

Over delivery as standard

Over delivery as standard

Over delivery as standard steelasophical steel band


Imagine hiring a two piece steel band and having Steelasophical show up!

No other steelband has the look, presentation and quality in visual impacting.

Steelasophical is truly a cross between a great steelband and a great dj, with

Music • Sound • Lighting •


Vow WOW Mix Mingle Wine Dine Dance

Over delivery as standard

Over delivery as standard

Steelasophical Wedding Steelpan music 001
Steelasophical Wedding Steelpan music 002
Steelasophical Wedding Steelpan music 003

How many Steel Band solo or duos do you know can cater for up to 500 people?!

Thats exactly what Steelasophical did for the Oxfordshire Uni Freshers Ball.

Some clients believe that it is more value to hire a 3, 4, 5 or 6 piece steelband rather than a Steelasophical Solo or Duo, but due to our unique set-up, we are able to cater for much larger audience sizes than those traditional bands;

Place into the mix our presentation, lighting, PA system and even our superior choice in musical selection and you can see why Steelasophical maintains the mantle of the best Caribbean Steel Drum Band service in the UK.