What the people next door dont know

What the people next door dont know a blog posting by Gary Trotman- Steelasophical

What the people next door dont know

What the people next door dont know

What the people next door don’t know

When I am home, I would often bump into my neighbours. They will often say things like “Hi Gary, so you’ve got the day off today, eh?”

This makes perfect sense right?. I’m a musician and a performer, so if I am not out on the road somewhere, I must be having the day off!!

Hmmmmmm ….. If only they knew!!!

I decided at the outset, that going into music full time was going to be nothing short of a full and total way of life, taking every ounce of dedication and commitment that I could muster.

In short, it would be a full time business and total passion.

Gave up a 25+ year career in building services, and a final posting as a regional contracts manager to do music full time! – Granted this was tested as little as 6 months in when I suffered a serious injury resulting a plate and 8 screws being placed in my wrist (a story for another day) –  but I had much in my favor when starting out

  • A finical war-chest to get over initial start up
  • A respected brand in Steelasophical
  • Music albums selling worlds wide
  • A song used by Sony Music in the James Bond movie Casino Royale
  • TV appearances

What being a full time business owner means to me, is that any weekday (Monday-Friday) when I’m not out performing, I am busy doing other related stuff, building my Steelasophical brand pretty much from 7:30am to 9pm or so … and often into the wee hours of the morning too!!

What the people next door dont know

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The people next door dont know

So .. just how much could there possibly be to do? Some may not believe it!

Ok so where do I start? ….




Social media

Article writing

Website SEO

SEO activities

PPV marketing

Website updates

Website monitoring

PPC advertising

Artist roster listings

Industry link building

Learning new songs

Scheduling musicians

Showcase applications

Website maintenance

New bookings research

Wedding Faye research

PR and media outreach

Responding to inquiries

Staying current on trends

Producing backing tracks

Monitoring competitors

Networking with venues

Contact list management

Networking with suppliers

Coordination with planners

Staying current on trends

Producing backing tracks

Getting found on the internet

Dealing with IT related issues

Learning, researching, planning, growth

Concepts and research for new projects

Updating health and safety documentation

Combating black hat actions by competitors

Corresponding with colleagues and industry contacts

Facebook updates

LinkedIn updates

JV partnering

Posting / update / networking on Facebook

Posting / update / networking on Twitter

Posting / update / networking on Linkedin

Posting / update / networking on Pinterest

Posting / update / networking on Google+

Posting / update / networking on Yutube

So when them next door bump into me .. No I am not having a day off, its probably more like a few moments!