Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

We bring the Caribbean to you with a unique musical flava of the tropics to transform your event with uplifting and inspirational music. We will lift the mood with the perfect music backdrop to wine, dine, mix and mingle. We are unique in that with just one or two performers, you have the depth and variety in sound from a String quartet to a 6pc Caribbean band

Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

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Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band 234

Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

Gary Trotman – (DofM) 

On behalf of Steelasophical

With Music incorporated in the James Bond 007 Movie – Casino Royale

80,000+ Steelasophical Caribbean Steeldrum Albums Sold World-wide in over 42 Countries

Recent Musical performance on the Channel 4 ‘Come Dine with Me’

Compliance with the EAWR 1989 for electrical safety

£10m Public liability Insurance

100% Professional Service – NOT a weekend hobby

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Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

Sourcing the very best in value for Caribbean musical entertainment is no mean feat! Last count there were in excess of 3,200 active ‘Steel Bands’ based in the UK. As with everything else in life, they come in all shapes, sizes, quality, liability, attitude, reputation, recourse and reliabiloity. Many are derived from schools and social activity clubs (many english steelbands who perform at fetes, concerts, carnivals etc), you have a majority that are long standing performers who have been doing this for many years, who love to perform and entertain and has become for them a great weekend hobby. You have acoustic, semi-accoustic, combo, semi combo, caribbean bands with steeldrum players, bands with drum machines . .  this combination list is endless. Like us at Steelasophical, there are a few out of that 2000+ number, who are full-time dedicated professional musical entertainers. After 15 years of performing with every form of Steel band mentioned above, the concept of Steelasophical was born. It was a means of offering the very best of all past experience, values and lessons to create a New form and alternative Caribbean Steeldrum musical entertainment.

So thank you for taking the time to wade through the ‘many rest’ to find the ‘very best’. 

Although we believe this with a passion, no need to only take our word for it. 

ARC Music Production International 

This is a World record company specialising in authentic, roots, traditional music from virtually every country in the world

After listing to an concept album of mine called PanBrassOrama, they trusted in Steelasophical to award recording contracts which resulted in the production of 2 of the very best selling and most popular Caribbean Steeldrum albums ever! Selling world-wide in over 42 countries and available through every major music reseller (including iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Sony Music). The first album was realised in Nov 1999, and to this day retains its high retail price, where others have been deleted from catalogues or have had their prices slashed to medium / low due to falling sales 

Sony Music 

These are by far the biggest in Music world-wide. Their catalogue and music database spans many millions of music tracks, yet when Sony Music wanted to add a unique tropical musical flava to their new production James Bond 007 Casino Royale, they looked no further than the partnership of ARC Music and Steelasophical. Permission was sought from Sony Music (and granted) and today you can hear our tropical sounds within the movie and see our name in the credits. It has the distinction of being the only music used in the film (other than the title track – You Know My Name)

Steel Band Solo
Steel Band Duo
Steel Band Trio
Steel Band Quartet
Caribbean Mobile Dj
Steelasophical Wedding Steel Pan Band

Wedding – Party – Birthday – BBQ – Presentation – AGM – Fundraiser – Fete – Carnival – Hospitality – Product Launch – Open Day – Fun Day – Celebrations – Caribbean Evening – Hawaiian Night – Carnival – Jump Up – Gathering – Dinner – Come Dine With Me Evening – James Bond Theme – Caribbean Theme – Barmitzvah – Public – Private – Local Authority – Corporate – International – Fete – sale -open day – wake – family celebration – ceremony – drinks reception – wedding breakfast – wedding day party – limbo dance 

For best in Musical Entertainment

What Ever Your Event Theme 

Caribbean / Tropical / BBQ / Hawaiian 

/ 50’s / 60’s / 70’s / 80’s / 90’s / 00’s 

Motown / Soul / Disco / Reggae / Rock n’ Roll / Ska / RnB 


Limbo – Congaline – Dancing In The Ring – Rueda

10,000’s of your fav Songs & Music Videos

Professional Lighting 

Atmospheric FX


Thank you for the valued enquiry and interest in Steelasophical DJ Services

With our Music Service, we bring you something very unique and special 

With everything from soft and gentle for meet, greet, mix, mingle, wine and dine

To filling that dance floor with high energy dancing, singing and participation .. Whether Rueda, Congaline, Limbo, YMCA or just  everyone Doing Their Own Thang!

Steelasophical is no ordinary DJ music service, we also provide a Caribbean Steel Drum Solo and Duo 

We are able to combine one of the very best Caribbean music acts in the country, with a highly professional Mobile Dj service into one amazing value package


Imagine kicking off the event with some cool, uplifting and colourful Caribbean steel drum sounds, followed by a great DJ spinning your fav tracks 

We have options of  backdrops, banners, Pro lighting, smoke machines , scanners, lasers, Powerful PA system to cater to any size venue, small or large

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