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Strong professional relationships

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Strong professional relationships Strong professional relationships ...can accelerate your business ... UNCHECKED ... IT CAN RUIN IT TOO   Came across a thought provoking blog entitled Collaboration is Greater than Competition on the SBO website, and it served as a catalyst for me to do something I had been meaning to do for a while, which was to write an article based on my own personal experiences.     We continue in a very selfless way to network, support, recommend and advise others: As a Dyslexic, Musician, Contracts Manager, Engineering Technician, Marketer, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Person, Professional Complainer (I kid you not), someone who constantly questions most things in life and has a thirst for knowledge (I have been told I have a balanced left | right brain) .... I am strong in many areas, have many interests, decent level of skill-sets; and as such, it has always been in my nature to use those skill-sets to want progress in life .... more times than not, by helping others along their journey and being able and open to accept assistance too!   My mantra helping to make a +ve difference to other peoples lives   A word of caution however on the topic of 'complimentary businesses', (as in any level of relationship), be sure your partner has the same ethos, values, level of integrity and intentions as you.   MYSTORY In the hight of the recession, we found that through reputation, marketing and dam hard work, our diary was as busy as it had ever been. It's not unusual to comfortably have 4 bookings in two days (I bet that made you think of Tom Jones) When enquiries came in for dates where we were already booked, we decided the best thing was to selectively recommend others who we judged to be suitable alternative options. I am still amazed that so many people just ignore enquiries and not have the courtesy to send a reply .. even if just to say thank you for considering us, but ...... To that end, we actually set up a secret page on our website (now moved to our blogging site), where we redirected enquirers to view brief details and contact information on other music acts we felt worthy of recommendation. We always reply to enquiries, even if we cannot help directly It was only a few months later that we realised the consequence of those actions. To a couple of those suppliers who were at first bemused, yet very happy to receive those enquiries, from which they benefitted hugely, the Green Eye and Thought then turned to 'what is Gary doing to get so many enquiries and what can we do to get those enquiries instead of him.' The lengths have been astounding to say the least .. and I want to highlight just 3 (won't go into others using our music, photos and video to market themselves):   GOOGLE: Not happy about our Steelband.co.uk website constantly being in top 3 positions [...]