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Steel Magnolias Steelasophical

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Steel Magnolias Steelasophical Steel Magnolias Steelasophical A young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the local salon, where a small group of women share a close bond of friendship and welcome her into the fold. It is the image of a small, blonde-haired all-American boy beaming in the Easter sunshine that flashes up at the end of Hollywood classic Steel Magnolias – and stays with you long after the credits have rolled. As writer Robert Harling explains, many new fans will not even know that the movie is rooted in truth and that boy is, in fact, based on his real-life nephew and namesake. Softly spoken and with a Southern accent that still hints at his Louisiana upbringing, Robert Harling wrote the play Steel Magnolias shortly after the death of his beloved sister Susan Robinson aged just 33 in 1985. Susan left behind her husband Dr Pat Robinson and their two-year-old son Robert after years of battling diabetes, and amid the waves of his grief, Robert, then an actor, put pen to paper at the urging of close friends and wrote all about the town of Natchitoches, where his mother Margaret ruled the roost and the women ‘spoke in bumper stickers’. This movie put Julia Roberts on the map and earned her an Oscar nomination, but Sally Field steals the show and there are many other memorable performances Steel Magnolias Steelasophical One of the highest blessings in being considered by many to be amongst the best Caribbean musical entertainers in the UK, is the opportunity to be invited to perform at the very best venues around the country. I can honestly say that this venue sits within that category. (wonderful in-house team) - A pleasure to perform here and very much highly recommended... Gary (Steelasophical Steel Band) Contact Steelasophical Steel Band (Solo Duo Trio Quartet) Caribbean Ambient Music Dj Call: 07540 307890 Email: info@Steelband.co.uk Home: http://Steelband.co.uk Weddings: https://steelband.co.uk/weddings Welcome: https://steelband.co.uk/warm-welcome Visit our supplier recommendation page for wedding suppliers we like Music backdrop solutions for your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening check out our Ambient Wedding Day Music Dj Service ADJMusic Steelasophical Steelband The grove Hotel Steelasophical steelbandhire Steelasophical Solid-SteelbandHire Steelasophical Steelbandhire Steelasophical Steelband London Steelasophical Steelband Wycombe Steelasophical Steelband Devon Steelasophical Steelband Buckinghamshire      

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Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice

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Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice Gay Marriage Law UK Steelasophical Advice land mark date in history was the 29 March 2014, this was when the UK law changed to give same sex couples the right to get married in England and in Wales. Linzi Bull and Emily Grosvenor-Taylor, from prestigious London law firm Harbottle & Lewis, explain who can get married or enter a civil partnership in the UK, and what the legal requirements are for foreign nationals wishing to come to the UK to enter a same sex marriage, and what protocols must be followed. Steelasophical Supports LGBT For your wedding day music solutions Info@Steelband.co.uk  GAY MARRIAGE IN THE UK: THE ESSENTIALS The basic rules for getting married or entering into a civil partnership in the UK are that you and your partner must be: 16 or over Free to marry, meaning being single, divorced or widowed Not closely related to your intended spouse. WHAT IF I AM UNDER 18YEAR OLD? If you are under 18, you will need permission from your parents or guardians to get married. LIVE OVERSEAS AND AM GAY. CAN I GET MARRIED IN THE UK? For overseas couples wishing to marry in the UK, the route is not quite so simple and there are a number of hurdles which need to be jumped to ensure that your marriage is legally recognised. Step One: Before your marriage in the UK There are two steps for couples who wish to get married or enter into a civil partnership in England and Wales. The first is to give at least 16 days’ notice at your local register office. If either one of you is not from the EEA or Switzerland, then you should go to a ‘designated register office’. You can find a list of these on the UK government’s website, together with a list of documents which you will need to submit if you are not resident in England. Coming to the UK to Marry a British citizen If your partner is a British citizen or settled in the UK and you both intend to remain in the UK then you will need afiancé or a proposed civil partner visa if you intend to stay for longer than 6 months. This usually takes about 12 weeks to issue. It is worth noting that you are not able to work under this form of visa. Coming from the EEA or Switzerland to the UK to marry someone who lives outside the EEA & Switzerland If one of you is from the EEA or Switzerland and the other is from outside the EEA, then you will need an EEA family permit. This will last for six months and it can be applied for online. Coming to the UK to marry when you both reside outside the EEA & Switzerland If you are both from outside the EEA or Switzerland and you and your partner intend to leave the country [...]

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David Bowie RIP dies of cancer aged 69

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David Bowie RIP dies of cancer aged 69 David Bowie RIP dies of cancer aged 69. David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer, the singer's son has confirmed. Duncan Jones wrote on Twitter: "Very sorry and sad to say it's true. I'll be offline for a while. Love to all." Statements were posted on the star's official Facebook and Twitter accounts saying the star died on Sunday. They read: "David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. "While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief." Bowie released his 25th album, called Blackstar, on Friday 8 January, to coincide with his 69th birthday. The album contains seven songs, including one called Lazarus which starts with the lyrics: "Look up here, I'm in heaven, I've got scars that can't be seen, I've got drama, can't be stolen, everybody knows me now." David Bowie RIP dies of cancer aged 69

Trinidad Steelband Panorama winners 1965 through 2015

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Trinidad Steelband Panorama winners 1965 through 2015 LARGE Conventional Trinidad Steelband Panorama winners 1965 through 2015 Panorama began for TT carnival season 1963. The size in membership of the Large Conventional category, TT National Steelband Panorama competition, ranges between 95 to 120 (2014). The Large category was introduced into Panorama in 2004. The * indicates that the maximum includes the count of ALL instrument players; not just pan-players alone. Trinidad Steelband Panorama winners 1965 through 2015 Trinidad Steelband Panorama winners 1965 through 2015 Year Top Rank Steelband Tune Singer (Composer) Arranger 2015 1st Massy Trinidad All Stars Unquestionable (2015) Sheldon Reid (Clive Telemaque) Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2015 2nd Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove Happiness (2015) Olatunji (Olatunji) Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 2015 * j-3rd Republic Bank Exodus De Puna Band (2015) Farmer Nappy (Pelham Goddard, Gregory 'GB' Ballantyne) Pelham Goddard 2015 * j-3rd bpTT Renegades Jam Dem Hard (2015) Denise Saucy Won Belfon (Johann Chuckaree, Nigel Rojas) Duvone Stewart 2015 * j-3rd PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Edwin's Legacy (2015) Eunice Peters (Alvin Daniell, Barnett Preacher Henry) Liam Teague 2015 ** 6th T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Pan For Beethoven (2015) Tony Barclay (Tony Barclay) Clarence Morris * The 1st instance in the history of a (Large) Panorama Finals of a triple-place tie. ** Although in 6th place; this steelband is only 1 point behind the 3rd place contenders. 2014 1st Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove Jump High (2014) Destra Garcia (Destra Garcia) Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 2014 2nd Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Excitement (2014) Shirlane Hendrickson (Clive Telemaque, Shirlane Hendrickson) Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2014 3rd bpTT Renegades In De Minor (2014) The Original DeFosto Himself (Winston Scarbrough) Duvone Stewart 2014 4th WITCo Desperadoes Spankin' - A Tribute (2014) Super Blue; Austin Lyons (Austin Lyons) Robert Greenidge 2013 1st Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove More Love Black Stalin (Len Sharpe; Dr. Leroy Calliste) Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 2013 2nd Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Bounce and Drive Dexter Blaxx Stewart (Clive Telemaque) Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2013 3rd bpTT Renegades Shock Attack (2013) Denyse Plummer (Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell) Duvone Stewart 2013 4th RBL Exodus Gold (Remix 2013) M. Montano; Rikki Jai; K. Asche; D. O'Connor (Cecil Hume;  M. Montano; Rikki Jai; K. Asche; D. O'Connor) Pelham Goddard 2012 1st Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Play Yourself Edwin Crazy Ayoung (Clive Telemaque) Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2012 2nd Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove Archbishop of Pan (2012) The Lydian Singers (Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe; Gregory Ballantyne) Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 2012 3rd PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Gie Dem Tempo Denyse Plummer  (Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell) Edwin Pouchet 2012 4th bpTT Renegades Vibes (2012) Destra Garcia  (Mark Loquan; Ken Philmore; Destra Garcia) Duvone Stewart 2011  1st Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars It's Showtime (2011) Anslem Douglas (Edwin Pouchet; Alvin Daniell) Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2011 2nd Sagicor Exodus Calling Meh (2011) Destra Garcia  (Mark Loquan; Ken Philmore; Destra Garcia) Pelham Goddard 2011 3rd PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars It's Showtime [...]

When hiring musicians explaining value

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When hiring musicians explaining value When hiring musicians explaining value Source: https://www.theknot.com How would you describe your style? What You Want to Know: If their style will work with the vibe you're going for. If you want an elegant cocktail party with lots of casual conversation, a band that describes itself as “really rockin' and rollin' with a whole lotta edge" is a music mismatch. Can we come take a quick peek at a wedding you're working?   What You Want to Know: What you should expect on game day. Seeing them perform live will give you the best idea about what your wedding entertainment would actually sound and feel like. Do you know our reception space and its acoustic, power and amplification requirements? If not, will you check it out beforehand?   What You Want to Know: Your musicians may need an extension cord or backup generator. If they don't want to check out your venue, cross them off your short list. Can you play the songs that are important to us, such as a (traditional Jewish) hora tune or a favorite pop hit?   What You Want to Know: The band or DJ should be able to play, learn or download any tune you'd like. If a band says "yes," but they'll need to learn and/or arrange it, ask them if they'll charge for that. How many musicians are in the band, and are available? How many vocalists? Are there different options as far as how many musicians/instruments we can hire?   What You Want to Know: If you're interviewing a DJ, you want to know if she works with a partner, and if it's a band, who exactly would be there on the day. Note: Hiring only a portion of an amazing band is a smart way to stick to a strict budget. Would we need to rent any instruments (a piano, for example) or equipment (extra speakers or a stage)? What You Want to Know: Find out exactly what equipment they bring, and what you need to rent (or borrow from the venue). You'll also want to know if you'll have to hide equipment if it's particularly ugly (with draping, for instance). You want your wedding to be look like a beautiful event, not an electronics store. Do you plan to use lighting or any other special effects? What You Want to Know: Beyond music, some pros will bring special lighting and/or effects, like a fog machine, while others will stick to the tunes. If your pro does amp up his performance with specific effects, they may be standard or they may cost extra, so be sure to ask and get all prices written into your contract. Who will do the setup?   What You Want to Know: The day of the wedding, someone needs to set up the sound system—usually someone from the company supplying the music. You'll need to give the name of the person to the venue coordinator and arrange a time that [...]

Steelband Magazine

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Blog Steelband Magazine Steelband Magazine Featured Posts of The Month Steelband Magazine Steelband Magazine Steelband Magazine High Tenor The high tenor (also known as a soprano pan) is the highest pitched of the steel drums (steel pans) with a pitch range of D4 to F#6, that is, up to two octaves and a major third from D above middle C (C4). Its predecessor actually contained fewer notes which were within the tenor range. However, the name "Tenor" was kept despite the higher range of its descendant, the soprano pan. The notes of this pan is arranged in the cycle of 4ths, going clockwise. The high tenor pan is a lead instrument and normally carries the melody. However, these steel drums can easily play a harmonic role depending on the desire of the music arranger.The high tenor is commonly used by pan soloists. Low Tenor The Low Tenor, which has a pitch range from C4 to E6 has notes that are arranged in the same order as the high tenor. The function of this steel pan is the same as that of the high tenor and it is also used by pan soloists. Creative News Steelband Magazine Video News Steelband Magazine World News Steelband Magazine Steelband Magazine Steelband Magazine Double Tenor The Double Tenor, which was invented by Bertie Marshall, uses 2 drums and has a pitch range from F3 to B5 or up to two octaves and an augmented 4th from F below middle C. These steel pans have a distinctively pleasant sound, which makes them very appealing to pan soloists. The double tenor can be used to carry the melody, a harmonic voice, for counter melodies or for chords.In the latest standardised version of the double tenor steel drums,the Eb note is on the left hand pan and the F# is on the right hand pan. In an earlier version of this pan, the Eb is on the right hand pan and there was no F#3. So you went from F3 to F#4 to G3 and up, which broke the continuity of the range. There is even a double tenor which has the lowest F# (F#3) on the left and the other F#'s on the right, with the Eb also on the right. So, if you decide to play this pan you must be mindful of its variations. The arrangement of the notes on the double tenor is not symmetrical, which makes it one of the more difficult instruments to master. The Double Second Pan This steel pan was invented by Sonny Roach and uses two drums, each of which [...]

Christmas Horse

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Christmas Horse Christmas Horse Christmas horse Here’s to learning something new today. 1. Leonardo da Vinci liked to draw horses. 2. An adult horse’s brain weights 22 oz, about half that of a human. 3. Horses can not vomit. 4. The first cloned horse was a Haflinger mare in Italy in 2003. 5. Until the 1960’s Dartmoor ponies were used to escort prisoners from local prisons while they were on outside duties. 6. The word chivalry comes from cheval the French word for horse. 7. Chariot racing was the first Olympic sport in 680 B.C. 8. The Dubai World Cup is 6 million dollars, the richest horse race purse in the world. 9. Horses like sweet flavors and will usually reject anything sour or bitter. 10. Like a fingerprint, every zebra has a unique stripe pattern. Christmas horse 11. To get an official measurement of a horses height, they must be measured without shoes. 12. Horses drink at least 25 gallons of water a day (more in hotter climates). 13. Horses teeth never stop growing. 14. Ragweed is responsible for more horse deaths than most other toxic plants. 15. It takes 9-12 months to re-grow an entire horse hoof. 16. Horses have been found in cave paintings that date back to around 15000 B.C. 17. You can tell if a horse is cold by feeling behind their ears. If that area is cold, so is the horse. 18. Mown grass cuttings can cause colic in horses. 19. Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees. 20. According to Arabian folklore chestnut horses are the fastest and bravest of all colors. Christmas horse 21. Ponies live longer than horses and can live well into their 50’s. 22. The four horses of the apocalypse are said to signify the end of the world; conquest on a white horse, famine on a black horse, war on a red horse and plague on a pale horse. 23. A horse’s knee joint is the equivalent to a human wrist, and their hock joint is equivalent to the human ankle. 24. The gestation period for a mare is 11 months, for a female donkey it is 12 months. 25. Horses with pink skin can get a sunburn. 26. A small indent in a horses skin (usually on the neck or shoulder) is called a prophet’s mark and is considered good luck. 27. Mongolian tribes were the first to domesticate the horse, about 5000 years ago. 28. Legend has it that the Arabian horse was created by Allah, ‘out of a handful of the southern wind‘. 29. Horses have a great long term memory, (especially for places they were spooked). 30. The oldest horse on record lived to the age of 62 and died in 1822. 31. Horses thrive on routine, especially when it comes to food. 32. Giant white horses are carved in chalk on several hillsides in England. Some date back [...]

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